The Shadow Men (1997) Trailer

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The Shadow Men 1997 - Trailer

The Shadow Men 1997  Trailer
Year: 1997
Genres: Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M6S
Cast: Eric Roberts, Sherilyn Fenn, Dean Stockwell, Andrew Prine, Benjamin Brown, David Bowe, Hans Howes, Brendon Ryan Barrett, Chris McCarty, Tom Poster, Valerie Swift, Lisa Dinkins, Treva Tegtmeier, Robert Berger, Ben Slack, Kate Atkinson
Director(s): Timothy Bond

Trailer: The Shadow Men (1997)

After a family has an alien encounter, they call the Air Force to report the incident which leads to a visit by Men In Black, who turn out to be alien-human mutants.

Official trailer for the 1998 film 'The Shadow Men' starring Eric Roberts and Sherilyn Fenn. via Gary Wilkinson


Happily married couple Bob and Dez Wilson and their 12-year old son Andy are being attacked by a blinding light when driving home from a daytrip. They awaken a couple of hours later, seemingly unscathed but soon driven mad by recurring nightmares. It soon appears that they have been abducted by aliens as proved by their sons handycam that had suddenly started running right after the incident. This mysterious fact is discovered by even more mysterious Men In Black who start nagging the family up to the point of threatening to kill them. Laughed at by the police the threesome seek refuge at sf-writer Stan Mills' house and start fighting back.