Dragon Warriors (2015) Trailer

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Dragon Warriors 2015 - Trailer

Dragon Warriors 2015  Trailer
Year: 2015
Genres: Action, Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M30S
Cast: James Marsters, Luke Perry, Clare Niederpruem, Adam Johnson, Kaitlin Doubleday, Jake Suazo, Maclain Nelson, Jake Van Wagoner, Shannon Engemann, Erik Denton, Lauryn Kent, George Nelson, Leslie Nelson, Lala Kent
Director(s): Maclain Nelson, Stephen Shimek

Trailer: Dragon Warriors (2015)

An evil wizard, Lord Tensley, seeks the hand and heart of the beautiful princess, Lady Ennogard. When she refuses...

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Dragon Warriors Official Trailer (2014) Fantasy Epic Movie HD

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Production Companies: Redline Entertainment & Main Dog Productions

Starring: James Marsters, Kaitlin Doubleday, Adam Johnson, Maclain Nelson, Clare Niederpruem and Luke Perry

Written and Directed By: Maclain Nelson and Stephen Shimek

Produced By: Kristi Shimek, David Wulf, Jake Sorenson, Stephen Shimek and Maclain Nelson

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dragonwarriorsmovie

When the powerful wizard Lord Tensley (James Marsters) is jilted by Princess Ennogard he vows to rid the land of love. He commands his fire-breathing dragon to destroy any sign of affection seen throughout the kingdom. As the death toll rises, Camilan, a brave but arrogant warrior seeks to marry his true love, Larec, despite the curse upon the land. In order to fulfill his destiny, he must seek the help of his estranged brother, Ramicus, a bounty hunter with no desire to tangle with the evil Lord Tensley and his deadly dragon. However, an enchanted distress message and the promise of a great reward from the beautiful Princess Ennogard is enough to lure Ramicus to join the quest to defeat the wizard and his terrible beast. via Movieclips Indie


An evil wizard, Lord Tensley, seeks the hand and heart of the beautiful princess, Lady Ennogard. When she refuses, he locks her away and releases a deadly dragon, which he controls, to terrorize the land. He vows that, until she accepts his love, his dragon will destroy all who dare display any sign of love throughout the kingdom. Desperate to end the tyranny, she sends an enchanted dragonfly with a mission to find a true "Dragon Warrior" who is fit to release her from her captor and stop the destruction of the dragon. Meanwhile a young warrior, Camilan, braves the attacks of the Dragon and plans to marry his true love, the elf princess Larec. But his parents refuse to give their blessing, as marrying outside of their race would forfeit the family birthright. His only hope is to find a wife for his estranged older brother Ramicus, a rogue bounty hunter. But convincing the wild-hearted Ramicus to settle down and secure the family's inheritance seems a feat as impossible as any heroic quest. Camilan reunites with his brother with the hope that he will be able to soften his heart. His attempts are in vain until Lady Ennogard's dragonfly reaches their camp and relays her call of distress. Enamored by her beauty and lured by the promise of wealth, Ramicus agrees to take on the heroic task. So Ramicus and his Orc sidekick Shokdor, and Camilan and his loyal squire Samton, set off on a journey to rescue Lady Ennogard and put an end to the dragon and the evil reign of the powerful Lord Tensley.