Along Came a Spider (2001) Trailer

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Along Came a Spider (2001) - Trailer

Along Came a Spider (2001) - Trailer
Year: 2001
Genres: Thriller, Drama, Action, Mystery, Crime
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M56S
Cast: Anton Yelchin, Morgan Freeman, Billy Burke, Dylan Baker, Rick Kain, Jill Teed, Darryl Scheelar, Michael Moriarty, Ravil Isyanov, Claire Riley, Chris Robson, Raoul Ganeev, Leo Rogstad, Jonathan Walker, Campbell Lane, Michael Wincott, Tamara Taggart, Kim Hawthorne, Penelope Ann Miller, Scott Heindl, Charles Andre, Patricia DiZebba, Steve Makaj, Tom McBeath, Nathaniel DeVeaux, Monica Potter, Jim Hild, Mika Boorem, Jay O. Sanders, Aaron Joseph
Director(s): Lee Tamahori

Trailer: Along Came a Spider (2001)

When a congressman"s daughter under Secret Service protection is kidnapped from a private school, detective Alex Cross investigates the case even though he"s recovering from the loss of his partner.

Morgan Freeman reprises his Kiss the Girls role as Alex Cross in this spellbinding psychological thriller that is "a knockout with a surprise twist." After the harrowing death of his partner, detective and best-selling author Alex Cross has retreated to the peace of retirement. But when a brilliant criminal (Michael Wincott) kidnaps a senator's young daughter, Alex is lured back into action. Teamed with the Secret Service agent (Monica Potter) assigned to protect the missing girl, Alex follows a serpentine trail of clues that leads him to a stunning discovery - the kidnapper wants more than just ransom...he wants Alex's help in documenting the crime of the century. With time running out, Alex plunges through a tangled web of danger and deceit to stop a madman and save an innocent victim's life. via Along Came A Spider - Trailer


Detective/psychologist Alex Cross loses his partner in an out of control 'bust.' He stops working and cannot forgive himself. He is drawn back to work reluctantly when a senator's daughter is kidnapped and the kidnapper seems to want to deal with Alex personally.

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