Boot Camp (2008) Trailer

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Boot Camp (2008) - Trailer

Boot Camp (2008) - Trailer
Year: 2008
Genres: Thriller, Drama, Crime
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M27S
Cast: Peter Stormare, Alejandro Rae, Mila Kunis, Sarah Lind, David Haysom, Christopher Jacot, Lexie Huber, Mike Leisen, Gregory Smith, Tyrone Karius, Anna Tofinga, Regine Nehy, Elsie Braise, Tygh Runyan, Mark Holmes, Matthew Smalley, Grace Bauer, Colleen Rennison, Marty Antonini, Barbara Gates Wilson, Paula Dakun, Christianne Hirt, Lawrence Larsen, Peter Skagen, Serge Houde, Carrie Schiffler, Joe Norman Shaw, Cris Nannarone, Belinda Metz, Tom Eirikson
Director(s): Christian Duguay

Trailer: Boot Camp (2008)

A group of at-risk teens are sent to a what they think is a rehabilitation program on Fiji, but it"s really a prison-like camp where kids are abused and brainwashed.

In the middle of the night Sophie Bauer is taken from her home to Harmony Lake, a serenity rehab programme for troubled teens on a remote island in Fiji. In fact it is far from serene - in reality it is a penitentiary-style boot camp where the kids are subjected to ruthless and savage physical and psychological abuse. Sophie and her boyfriend fight for their sanity and their lives but the battle is futile. Beaten, humiliated, and stripped of their pride, their spirit is slowly ebbing away. Sophie is determined to escape, but its incredibly risky - if they are caught, the consequenses will be unthinkable - but it may be their only way out. This white-knuckle thriller proves that paradise can be deadly.

Mila Kunis, Gregory Smith, Peter Stormare, Regine Nehy, Alejandro Rae via FilmLoungeUK


When provocatively impish drug addict Sophie is forcibly shipped off by her passive mother and brutally domineering stepfather to dodgy, messianic and platitude-spouting Dr. Arthur Hail's completely isolated Fiji island boot camp for wayward teens (a.k.a. Camp Serenity), her perfectly respectable boyfriend Ben refuses to stand passively by. He fakes a drug problem to get himself enrolled in Dr. Hail's Advanced Serenity Achievement Program, where he plans to find and escape with Sophie. Meanwhile both teens witness and endure the physically harsh and psychologically brutal conditions fostered by the doctor and enforced by Logan, his militaristic and imposing chief of security - where all "enrollees" have "less rights than prisoners on death row."