Mobius (2013) Trailer

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Mobius (2013) - Trailer

Mobius (2013) - Trailer
Year: 2013
Genres: Thriller, Drama
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M20S
Cast: Michael Shannon, Wendell Pierce, Tim Roth, Vladimir Menshov, Hervé Sogne, Cécile De France, Brad Leland, Émilie Dequenne, John Scurti, Branka Katic, Hervé Sogne, Cécile de France, Émilie Dequenne, John Lynch, Michael G. Shannon, Anthony Vuignier, Yannick Géraud, Pierre Baux, Fabrizio Maltese, Clémence Bollet, Vicky Krieps, Vladimir Putin, Grégoire Camuzet, Pierre 'Pitt' Simon, Said Aarrass, Thierry Genovese, Serguei Vladimirov, Elena Bekesh, Aleksey Gorbunov, Tatiana Cernenko
Director(s): Eric Rochant

Trailer: Mobius (2013)

An FSB officer falls in love with his agent, an American woman, who works as a trader in a Russian bank.

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Möbius International Trailer #1 (2013) - Jean Dujardin, Tim Roth Movie HD

A FSB officer fall in love with his agent, an American woman who works as a trader in a Russian bank. via Movieclips Trailers


In the high stakes world of espionage, one Russian FSB operative will do whatever it takes to crack an international money laundering operation and American banker, Alice, is the key. The only problem is that he isn't the only one after Alice. Now he must find out who he can trust and use everything he knows in order to get to the truth and bring down a powerful Russian oligarch.