Kill for Me (2013) Trailer

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Kill for Me (2013) - Trailer

Kill for Me (2013) - Trailer
Year: 2013
Genres: Thriller, Drama
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M28S
Cast: Colin Lawrence, Brittani Cox, Donal Logue, Rob LaBelle, Ryan Robbins, Chelah Horsdal, Leah Gibson, Katie Cassidy, Denis Corbett, Adam DiMarco, Kirsten Van Ritzen, Joanne Wilson, Tracy Spiridakos, Crystal Mudry, Lini Evans, Torrance Coombs, Shannon Chan-Kent, Andrew Zachar, Graham Croft
Director(s): Michael Greenspan

Trailer: Kill for Me (2013)

Two roommates with abusive men in their pasts consider murder as an option to help settle each other"s problems.

While trying to move on from an abusive ex-boyfriend, Amanda (Katie Cassidy, TV's "Arrow") looks for a roommate to help pay the rent. Hailey (Tracy Spiridakos, TV's "Revolution") just moved to college to get away from her own abusive past. Now roommates, both girls find comfort in their friendship and make a pact to help each other overcome their pasts... no matter what the cost. When Amanda's abusive ex-boyfriend catches up with her, a riveting roller coaster of suspense and twists is set in motion. In order to survive, the two girls face their harrowing pasts together. But as Hailey's past becomes more transparent, it's difficult to decipher who is the victim and who is the cold-blooded killer. Also starring Donal Logue (Shark Night 3D, Max Payne) and Ryan Robbins (TV's "Falling Skies"). via Kill For Me - Trailer


The college student Natalie Ross goes missing and her friend and roommate Amanda Rowe accuses her ex-boyfriend Cameron McClure to the police. However nothing is proved against Cameron and Amanda's roommate Zoe decides to rent Natalie's room to share the expenses of their house. They accept the student Hayley Jones and she gets close to Amanda. When the upset Cameron threatens Amanda, Hayley defends her and they have a close relationship. Soon Cameron breaks in their house and hits Amanda; however Hayley arrives at home and hits Cameron on the head with an axe. Hayley convinces Amanda to hide the corpse, burying in the farm of her abusive father Garret Jones. Then she tries to convince Amanda to kill Garret, but Amanda refuses. Hayley kidnaps Amanda's friend Mark to force Amanda to kill her father. What will Amanda do?