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Descent (2007) - Trailer

Descent (2007) - Trailer
Year: 2007
Genres: Thriller, Drama
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M50S
Cast: Rosario Dawson, Tracie Thoms, Kevin Cannon, Vanessa Ferlito, Sean Barrett, Chris Wylde, Tate Ellington, Robert Haley, Francie Swift, James A. Stephens, Connor Fox, Tomm Bauer, Nathan Craig, Cosmo Pfeil, Aisleagh Jackson, Melaena Cadiz, Tim Curcio, Ashleigh Prather, Robert Lehrer, Isabel Dawson, Shannan Leigh Reeve, Alexie Gilmore, Aran Bertetto, Christopher DeBlasio, Jennifer Sciole, Johnathan Tchaikovsky, Brian M. Wixson, Steve Sirkis, Scott Porter, Lee Van Bradley
Director(s): Talia Lugacy

Trailer: Descent (2007)

A college co-ed is brutally raped and struggles alone to rebuild her life.

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In the winter of her senior year, Maya talks to Jared at a frat party, accepts his invitation to dinner at a nice restaurant, then goes to his apartment, just to talk. He assaults her. Her personality changes, she's withdrawn; she graduates and takes a job at a clothing store, staying apart from co-workers. At night, she's someone else: a beauty at the club scene, dancing, seductive, sniffing cocaine, becoming the friend of a heavy hitter. She thinks about her racial identity. That fall, she's a grad student, and Jared is in an exam she proctors. She invites him to her apartment; he's certain she's stuck on him.