Young Frankenstein (1974) Trailer

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Young Frankenstein (1974) - Trailer

Young Frankenstein (1974) - Trailer
Year: 1974
Genres: Comedy
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M38S
Cast: Ian Abercrombie, Peter Boyle, Gene Hackman, Cloris Leachman, Mel Brooks, Berry Kroeger, Kathryn Janssen, Teri Garr, Max Wagner, Lars Hensen, Bob Harks, Arthur Malet, Ernesto Molinari, Monte Landis, Terence Pushman, Clark Ross, Gene Wilder, Rusty Blitz, Leoda Richards, John Marlin, Anne Beesley, Norbert Schiller, Robert Cole, Rolfe Sedan, Peter Halton, Lou Cutell, Maida Severn, Dale Johnson, Marty Feldman, John Dennis
Director(s): Mel Brooks

Trailer: Young Frankenstein (1974)

An American grandson of the infamous scientist, struggling to prove that he is not as insane as people believe, is invited to Transylvania, where he discovers the process that reanimates a dead body.

Dr. Frankenstein's grandson, after years of living down the family reputation, inherits granddad's castle and repeats the experiments. via JP Bazinet


A young neurosurgeon (Gene Wilder) inherits the castle of his grandfather, the famous Dr. Victor von Frankenstein. In the castle he finds a funny hunchback called Igor, a pretty lab assistant named Inga and the old housekeeper, frau Blucher -iiiiihhh!-. Young Frankenstein believes that the work of his grandfather is only crap, but when he discovers the book where the mad doctor described his reanimation experiment, he suddenly changes his mind...

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