Kidnap (2017) Trailer

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Kidnap 2017 - Trailer

Kidnap 2017  Trailer
Year: 2017
Genres: Thriller, Drama, Action, Mystery, Crime
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M17S
Cast: Patrick Kearns, Michelle DeVito, Ritchie Montgomery, Halle Berry, Justin Lebrun, Claire McReynolds, Carol Sutton, Lew Temple, William Schaff, Chris Angerdina, Christopher Berry, Thomas Downey, John Teal Jr., Holly O'Quin, Ron M Patterson, Gene Kevin Hames Jr., Arron Shiver, Michael D. Anglin, Kurt Krause, Met Salih, Dana Gourrier, Lucky Johnson, Kristin McKenzie Rice, Kina Dach'e Bullock, Kevin Johnson, Chris McGinn, Mark Silverman, Andy Abele, Kurtis Bedford, Jason George
Director(s): Luis Prieto

Trailer: Kidnap (2017)

A mother stops at nothing to recover her kidnapped son.

The film is a heart-stopping action thriller following a mother (Halle Berry) who will stop at nothing to rescue her kidnapped son.

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In the US, a child goes missing every 40 seconds. You never think it will happen to you. Until it does. Alone and scared, Karla Dyson (Halle Berry) is unwilling to leave the fate of her son's life in someone else's hands. When she catches a glimpse of the abductors speeding away, she decides to fight back. In a heart pounding race against time, Karla begins a high speed pursuit and will stop at nothing to save her son's life.

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