Darkroom (2013) Trailer

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Darkroom (2013) - Trailer

Darkroom (2013) - Trailer
Year: 2013
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M9S
Cast: Christian Campbell, Geneva Carr, Bess Rous, Luke Trevisan, Phil Haus, Kaylee DeFer, Jake Miller, Tobias Segal, Gabrielle Lund-Blom, Emily Fleischer, Chris McNicholas, Elisabeth Röhm, Daniela Sawyer, Britne Oldford, Elisabeth Röhm, Heléne Yorke, Michael Sirow, Steve Green, Heléne Yorke, Natalie Knepp, Bonnie Bentley, Steve Stanulis, Kristina Hess, Natalie Wetta
Director(s): Tyler Savage, Britt Napier

Trailer: Darkroom (2013)

Michelle takes a job recommended by her counselor that lands her trapped in a mansion with three psychotic siblings hell bent on purging Michelle of her sins.


After a deadly car accident with three victims, the traumatized Michelle is sent to a group therapy with Rachel. She recovers from the trauma and Rachel recommends that Michelle needs to work to prove that is healed. Rachel gives a card with a job opportunity at the company called "Darkroom Inc.". Michelle arrives at a mansion and is hired, but soon she discovers that she is trapped inside the house with other girls and three deranged and sad**tic siblings that intend to purge her from her sins.