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Motel Hell (1980) - Trailer

Motel Hell (1980) - Trailer
Year: 1980
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Comedy
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M40S
Cast: John Ratzenberger, Barbara Goodson, Rory Calhoun, E. Hampton Beagle, Nina Axelrod, Dick Curtis, Margot Hope, Everett Creach, Marc Silver, Victoria Hartman, Toni Gillman, Paul Linke, Shaylin Hendrixson, Heather Hendrixson, Kim Fowler, Max D. Adams, Tony Agee, Rob Farrier, Gwil Richards, Kerith Ann Hersey, Nancy Parsons, Donna Lee Miller, Wolfman Jack, Toni Gilman, Elaine Joyce, Monique St. Pierre, Rosanne Katon, Michael Melvin
Director(s): Kevin Connor

Trailer: Motel Hell (1980)

A seemingly friendly farmer and his sister kidnap unsuspecting travelers and bury them alive, using them to create the "special ingredient" of their famous roadside fritters.

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Farmer Vincent kidnaps unsuspecting travellers and is burying them in his garden. Unfortunately for his victims, they are not dead. He feeds his victims to prepare them for his roadside stand. His motto is: It takes all kinds of critters...to make Farmer Vincents fritters. The movie is gory, but is also a parody of slasher movies like Last House on the Left.