Hellbenders (1967) Trailer

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Hellbenders 1967 - Trailer

Hellbenders 1967  Trailer
Year: 1967
Genres: Drama, Action, Adventure, Romance, Western
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M10S
Cast: Norma Bengell, Ángel Aranda, Aldo Sambrell, Ángel Aranda, José Canalejas, Álvaro de Luna, Simón Arriaga, Claudio Scarchilli, Gene Collins, Benito Stefanelli, William Conroy, Ennio Girolami, Mimmo Poli, Joseph Cotten, Julio Peña, Al Mulock, Simón Arriaga, Julián Mateos, José Nieto, Gino Pernice, José Canalejas, Julio Peña, Claudio Gora, Julián Mateos, José Nieto, María Martín, María Martín, Álvaro de Luna, Giovanni Ivan Scratuglia, Rafael Vaquero
Director(s): Sergio Corbucci

Trailer: Hellbenders (1967)

An ex-Confederate and his sons plan to use stolen money as a way to revive the Confederacy.

An ex-Confederate and his sons plan to use stolen money as a way to revive the Confederacy.

Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Western

Directed by,
Sergio Corbucci

Produced by,
Alfredo Antonini

Written by,
Alfredo Antonini, Ugo Liberatore

Joseph Cotten
Norma Bengell
Julián Mateos
Gino Pernice
Ángel Aranda
Maria Martin
Al Mulock

Music by,
Ennio Morricone

Enzo Barboni

Release date(s),

Running time,
90 mins


Italian via N.B.


The Civil War has ended, but not for Jonas, a ruthless Confederate officer who wants to continue the fight by reorganizing Confederate troops in the Southwest with the support of a large sum of stolen money. He devises an elaborate ruse to allow his small party to travel with minimal scrutiny through hostile territory, for the money is hidden in a coffin said to contain the body of his dead son. Jonas' other sons travel with him along with a hired "widow", as they proceed to what they hope to be a new start to the War between the States. However, while en route, they face severe, ongoing strife among themselves and successive threats from Union soldiers, a posse of cowboys, and an Indian war party.