Blue Sunshine (1977) Trailer

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Blue Sunshine (1977) - Trailer

Blue Sunshine (1977) - Trailer
Year: 1977
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M23S
Cast: Brion James, Barbara Quinn, Jim Storm, James Carroll, Bill Sorrells, Adriana Shaw, Bill Adler, Jeff Lieberman, Jeffrey Druce, Meegan King, Argentina Brunetti, Richard Crystal, Laura Booker, David Schwartz, Stefan Gierasch, Steve Tannes, Sandy Robertson, Mark Goddard, Mary Moon, Zalman King, De Ette Adams, Robert Walden, Bill Cameron, Deborah Winters, Brandy Carson, Charles Siebert, Marcy Hanson, Ann Cooper, Phyllis Glick, Ray Young
Director(s): Jeff Lieberman

Trailer: Blue Sunshine (1977)

A bizarre series of murders begins in Los Angeles, where people start going bald and then become homicidal maniacs. But could the blame rest on a particularly dangerous form of LSD called Blue Sunshine the murderers took ten years before?

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At a party, someone goes insane and murders three women. Falsely accused of the brutal killings, Jerry is on the run. More bizarre killings continue with alarming frequency all over town. Trying to clear his name, Jerry discovers the shocking truth...people are losing their hair and turning into violent psychopaths and the connection may be some LSD all the murderers took a decade before.