Hometown Legend (2002) Trailer

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Hometown Legend 2002 - Trailer

Hometown Legend 2002  Trailer
Year: 2002
Genres: Drama, Family, Sport
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M40S
Cast: Kirk B.R. Woller, John McConnell, Terry O'Quinn, Pablo, Ryan Pablo Foster, Lacey Chabert, John Graham, Kelli Garner, Sewell Whitney, Jerry Starr, Daniel Franzese, Kiran Khalid, Miranda Lewis, Mary Pat Gleason, Chris Lumpkin, Nick Cornish, Frank Muller, Chris Nino, Dorian Normand, Bill Allen Poellnitze, Robert Powe, Jerry Powell, Donavan Thornton, Ian Bohen, Donovan Thornton, Mark McLachlan, F.X. Vitolo, Greg Bond, Steve Cluck, Randy Witherington
Director(s): James Anderson

Trailer: Hometown Legend (2002)

A teenage drifter finds an opportunity to turn his life around when he joins a high-school football program with a hard-nosed coach.

Ever since the death of the son of legendary high school coach Buster Schuler in the state championship 12 years ago; the town of Athens, Alabama has never been the same. Coach Schuler (Terry O'Quinn) retired after that game and the once great football team has not had a winning season since. As the county decides to shut down the school at the end of the year, student Rachel Sawyer (Lacey Chabert) hopes for a miracle.

Her prayers are answered when Coach Schuler returns for the Crusaders last season, hoping to rid the team of what he sees as a curse fostered by the scholarship established in his son's honor. The scholarship sends one player to the University of Alabama. Each player fighting for the spot; he feels it has destroyed the spirit of playing as a team.

Elvis Jackson (Nick Cornish) is an orphan who sees the scholarship as his last shot at success. In spite of his immense talent, his personal goals outweigh that of the team and he and Coach Schuler soon clash. Rachel sees that these two men are crucial to lifting the town's broken spirit. She befriends Elvis and eventually succeeds in encouraging him to believe in something bigger than himself.

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Nothing is impossible for those who have a dream!A single boy can bring victory to his school and make the entire town proud again.Despite his rough coach and a whole team lacking a will for victory anything could happend, even a love with a local girl.