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The Brain That Wouldn't Die (1962) - Trailer

The Brain That Wouldn't Die (1962) - Trailer
Year: 1962
Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M6S
Cast: Anthony La Penna, Jason Evers, Virginia Leith, Adele Lamont, Bonnie Sharie, Paula Morris, Marilyn Hanold, Bruce Brighton, Arny Freeman, Fred Martin, Lola Mason, Doris Brent, Bruce Kerr, Audrey Devereal, Eddie Carmel, Sammy Petrillo
Director(s): Joseph Green

Trailer: The Brain That Wouldn"t Die (1962)

A doctor experimenting with transplant techniques keeps his girlfriend"s head alive when she is decapitated in a car crash, then goes hunting for a new body.

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When Dr. Bill Cortner loses his sweetheart, Jan, in a car accident, he refuses to give up hope for her life. Scooping up her decapitated head, he brings it back to the lab for resuscitation. But keeping her head alive is one thing – finding her a new body is quite another. So while the mad doctor is out looking for spare parts, she's stuck at home going out of her mind – literally! And nothing will stop her from getting revenge on the man who is keeping her as a trophy girlfriend!

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Dr. Bill Cortner has been performing experimental surgery on human guinea pigs without authorization and against the advice of his father, also a surgeon. When Bill's fiancée Jan Compton is decapitated in an automobile accident, he manages to keep her brain alive. He now needs to find a new body for his bride-to-be and settles on Doris Powell, a glamor model with a facial disfigurement. Jan meanwhile doesn't want to continue her body-less existence and calls upon the creature hidden in the basement, one of Bill Cortner's unsuccessful experiments, to break loose.