Looper (2012) Trailer

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Looper (2012) - Trailer

Looper (2012) - Trailer
Year: 2012
Genres: Thriller, Drama, Sci-Fi, Action, Crime
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M46S
Cast: Elton LeBlanc, David Jensen, Cynthia LeBlanc, Bruce Willis, Jeff Moffitt, Dane Rhodes, Ritchie Montgomery, Emily Blunt, Robert Harvey, Emily D. Haley, Stephen Stanton, Han Soto, Logan Douglas Smith, D.J. Mills, Noah Segan, Paul Dano, Haylie Creppel, Chris Angerdina, Tracie Thoms, James Landry H├ębert, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jon Eyez, James Landry Hébert, Michael Wozniak, Jeff Chase, Piper Perabo, Pierce Gagnon, Jeff Pope, Rachel Acuna, Thirl Haston
Director(s): Rian Johnson

Trailer: Looper (2012)

In 2074, when the mob wants to get rid of someone, the target is sent into the past, where a hired gun awaits - someone like Joe - who one day learns the mob wants to "close the loop" by sending back Joe"s future self for assassination.

Looper Trailer 2012 - Official movie trailer in HD - starring Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emily Blunt - directed by Rian Johnson - in the futuristic action thriller Looper, time travel will be invented - but it will be illegal and only available on the black market.

Looper movie hits theaters on September 28, 2012.

When the mob wants to get rid of someone, they will send their target 30 years into the past, where a "looper" - a hired gun, like Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) - is waiting to mop up. Joe is getting rich and life is good... until the day the mob decides to "close the loop," sending back Joe's future self (Bruce Willis) for assassination. The film is written and directed by Rian Johnson and also stars Emily Blunt, Paul Dano, and Jeff Daniels. Ram Bergman and James D. Stern produce. Looper movie trailer 2012 is presented in full HD 1080p high resolution.

LOOPER 2012 Movie
Genre: Action and Adventure, Thriller
Director: Rian Johnson
Cast: Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emily Blunt, Paul Dano, Noah Segan, Piper Perabo, Jeff Daniels

Looper official movie trailer courtesy Sony Pictures.

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Joe is classified as a "looper", a job in which his employers use time travel to send men from the future to be killed into the past, where Joe can properly dispose of their bodies. However, to tie up loose ends and erase the evidence of his ever being a looper, Joe knows that one day his future self will be sent back for him to kill. When this day comes, Joe's future self is prepared and escapes, and the two men struggle separately in the past trying to evade capture and attempting to fulfill their own personal agendas.