Harvey (1950) Trailer

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Harvey 1950 - Trailer

Harvey 1950  Trailer
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Comedy
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M42S
Cast: Jack Curtis, Almira Sessions, Gertrude Astor, William H. Lynn, Grayce Hampton, Don Brodie, Victoria Horne, Harry Hines, Jesse White, Norman Leavitt, Wallace Ford, Cecil Kellaway, Fess Parker, Peggy Dow, Ruthelma Stevens, Minerva Urecal, Charles Drake, Josephine Hull, William Val, Leo Sulky, James Stewart, Dick Wessel, Art Gilmore, Nana Bryant, Sam Wolfe, Philo McCullough, Grayce Mills, Jean Ransome, Anne O'Neal, Clem Bevans
Director(s): Henry Koster

Trailer: Harvey (1950)

Due to his insistence that he has an invisible six foot-tall rabbit for a best friend, a whimsical middle-aged man is thought by his family to be insane - but he may be wiser than anyone knows.

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The classic stage hit gets the Hollywood treatment in the story of Elwood P. Dowd who makes friends with a spirit taking the form of a human-sized rabbit named Harvey that only he sees (and a few privileged others on occasion also.) After his sister tries to commit him to a mental institution, a comedy of errors ensues. Elwood and Harvey become the catalysts for a family mending its wounds and for romance blossoming in unexpected places.