Pete's Dragon (1977) Trailer

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Petes Dragon 1977 - Trailer

Petes Dragon 1977  Trailer
Year: 1977
Genres: Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure, Family, Animation, Musical
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M51S
Cast: Gary Morgan, Ken Renard, Robert Easton, Arthur Tovey, Al Checco, Dee Giffin Scott, Cal Bartlett, Robert Foulk, Johnny Silver, Helen Reddy, Dennis Stewart, Jeff Conaway, Jim Dale, Joe Ross, Red Buttons, Charlie Callas, Sean Marshall, Jane Kean, George Golden, Jim Backus, Walter Barnes, Mickey Rooney, Henry Slate, Jack Collins, Roger Price, Charles Tyner, Kim Diamond, Shelley Winters, Debra Dilley, Rocky Bonifield
Director(s): Don Chaffey

Trailer: Pete"s Dragon (1977)

An orphan boy and his magical dragon come to town with his abusive adoptive parents in pursuit.

Petes Dragon 1977 Official Trailer
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In New England in the early 20th century, Pete is a nine-year-old orphan escaping from his brutal adoptive parents, the Gogans, with his only friend, a cartoon dragon named Elliott. They successfully escape to Passamaquoddy, Maine, and live with Nora, a lighthouse keeper, and her father, Lampie. Elliott is sought for medicinal purposes by the corrupt Dr. Terminus.