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Seconds 1966 - Trailer

Seconds 1966  Trailer
Year: 1966
Genres: Thriller, Sci-Fi
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M12S
Cast: Murray Hamilton, John Lawrence, Paul Kent, Ronald Green, David Garfield, Jeff Corey, Clay Tanner, Richard Anderson, Peg Shirley, Dorothy Morris, Don Lloyd, Nedrick Young, Kirk Duncan, Otto Malde, Bill Smillie, Mike Mahoney, William Wintersole, Michael Masters, Frances Reid, Will Allen, John Mitchum, Barbara Werle, Carla Balenda, LeRoi Operti, Fritz Ford, Edgar Stehli, Diane Bond, Judy Rockley, Salome Jens, Aaron Magidow
Director(s): John Frankenheimer

Trailer: Seconds (1966)

An unhappy middle-aged banker agrees to a procedure that will fake his death and give him a completely new look and identity - one that comes with its own price.

Along "Giant" , "Seconds" remained one of Rock's favorite of his movies.
The film was based on David Ely' s novel.
Rock was finding himself pigeonhelded in comedy & yearning to change his image and "Seconds" was an opportunity to break out of comedy mold.
The failure at boxoffice hurted him; fans were not willing to see him in that kind of role. But years later "Seconds" had been elevated to Classic status.
Rock went to Cannes Festival to present the movie in 1966. via KayRHvids cellar


Middle-aged banker Arthur Hamilton is given the opportunity to start a completely new life when he receives calls from his old friend Charlie. The only problem is that Charlie is supposed to be dead. Hamilton is eventually introduced to a firm that will fake his death and create an entirely new look and life for him. After undergoing physical reconstruction surgery and months of training and psychotherapy, Hamilton returns to the world in the form of artist Tony Wilson. He has a nice house in Malibu and a manservant, a company employee who is there to assist him with his adjustment. He finds that the life he had hoped for isn't quite what he expected and asks the company to go through the process with surprising results.