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The New Daughter 2009 - Trailer

The New Daughter 2009  Trailer
Year: 2009
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M16S
Cast: Sandra Ellis Lafferty, Kevin Costner, Noah Taylor, Samantha Mathis, James Gammon, Gattlin Griffith, Ivana Baquero, James Middleton, Ralph LaCorte, Guy Perry, Mark Charles Davis, Amanda Garsys, Gary Entin, Edmund Entin, Erik Palladino, Margaret Anne Florence, Christopher Harvey, Brynn Massey, Martin Thompson, Nevaina Graves Rhodes, Rob Bonz
Director(s): Luiso Berdejo

Trailer: The New Daughter (2009)

A single father moves his two children to rural South Carolina, only to watch his daughter exhibit increasingly strange behavior.

Academy Award® winner Kevin Costner stars as John, a newly divorced father who moves into a rural South Carolina home with his adolescent daughter Louisa (Ivana Baquero of PANS LABYRINTH) and young son Sam (Gattlin Griffith of CHANGELING). But when Louisa begins to behave in a bizarre and increasingly violent manner, John must uncover the truth behind her transformation. Is the former owners shocking secret to blame? And how far will a father go to protect his daughter from an ancient evil determined to take her over? Samantha Mathis (THE PUNISHER) and Erik Palladino (ER) co-star in this intense thriller that marks the English-language directorial debut of Luis Berdejo, co-writer of the modern suspense classics [REC] and QUARANTINE. via Anchor Bay


John James is a writer; his wife has left him. He moves with his middle-school aged daughter and young son to an isolated house off a dirt road in South Carolina. The property has an Indian burial mound, which fascinates his daughter, Louisa, who's entering puberty. Strange things: noises on the roof and in the woods, the cat missing, Luisa sleepwalking clutching a straw doll no one's seen before. She visits the mound often, staying late, coming home covered with mud. John's younger son, Sam, is frightened. John learns the house has a history and seeks out the previous owner. Louisa's behavior becomes more bizarre. Is there an explanation? An ant farm and a missing babysitter provide clues.