Day of Wrath (1943) Trailer

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Day of Wrath 1943 - Trailer

Day of Wrath 1943  Trailer
Year: 1943
Genres: Drama, History
Type: Trailers
Duration: 3M0S
Cast: Kirsten Andreasen, Albert Høeberg, Sigurd Berg, Emanuel Jørgensen, Harald Holst, Hans Christian Sørensen, Albert Høeberg, Dagmar Wildenbrück, Emanuel Jørgensen, Sophie Knudsen, Preben Lerdorff Rye, Lisbeth Movin, Preben Neergaard, Sigrid Neiiendam, Emilie Nielsen, Thorkild Roose, Anna Svierkier, Hans Christian Sørensen, Olaf Ussing, Dagmar Wildenbrück
Director(s): Carl Theodor Dreyer

Trailer: Day of Wrath (1943)

The young wife of an aging priest falls in love with his son amidst the horror of a merciless witch hunt in 17th century Denmark.

My trailer for Carl Theodor Dreyer's 1943 drama film Day of Wrath. via Christian Curdt


In a 17th-century Danish village, an old woman is accused of witchcraft. In the shadow of her flight, capture, confession, and burning at the stake, the young wife of the town's aging pastor falls in love with the pastor's son. Her confession of this illicit affair to her husband brings on her husband's death. At the funeral the pastor's mother denounces the young widow as a witch. Will the widow's lover come to her defense, or has the day of wrath returned?