Peter Pan (1924) Trailer

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Peter Pan 1924 - Trailer

Peter Pan 1924  Trailer
Genres: Fantasy, Adventure, Family
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M32S
Cast: Jack Murphy, Robert Milasch, Terence McMillan, Louis Morrison, Ernest Torrence, Edward Kipling, Maurice Murphy, Ralph Yearsley, George Ali, Ed Jones, Esther Ralston, Percy Barbat, Cyril Chadwick, Richard Frazier, Mary Brian, Maurice de Canonge, Philippe De Lacy, Charles A. Stevenson, Virginia Brown Faire, Vondell Darr, Betty Bronson, Sadie Campbell, Anna May Wong, Kit Wain, Mickey McBan, George Crane Jr., Winston Doty, Weston Doty
Director(s): Herbert Brenon

Trailer: Peter Pan (1924)

Peter Pan enters the nursery of the Darling children and, with the help of fairy dust, leads them off to Never Never Land, where they meet the nefarious Captain Hook.

This is a trailer I created for the December 12, 2015 screening of PETER PAN (1924) at Niles Film Museum. I posted this previously then discovered a couple tiny errors that no one else would notice, but they bugged me so I fixed them. via SilentPianoNinja


Peter Pan, the kid who doesn't want to grow up, arrives at the Darling home searching for his shadow. He meets the Darling children and takes them to Never-Never Land, where they will fight against Capt. Hook and his pirate ship and crew. At the end the children will be back in their warm beds.