Stay (2005) Trailer

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Stay 2005 - Trailer

Stay 2005  Trailer
Year: 2005
Genres: Thriller, Drama, Mystery
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M0S
Cast: Mark Margolis, Elizabeth Reaser, Michael Gaston, Becky Ann Baker, Blaise Corrigan, Isaach De Bankolé, José Ramón Rosario, BD Wong, Isaach De Bankolé, Ewan McGregor, Jessica Hecht, José Ramón Rosario, Kate Burton, Jarlath Conroy, Douglas Crosby, Naomi Watts, G.A. Aguilar, Angela Pietropinto, Janeane Garofalo, Sterling K. Brown, Amy Sedaris, Hank Eulau, Andrew Horne, Riley G. Matthews Jr., Mam Smith, Jerry Quinn, Lisa Kron, Caroline Vexler, Laura Somma, Bob Hoskins
Director(s): Marc Forster

Trailer: Stay (2005)

This movie focuses on the attempts of a psychiatrist to prevent one of his patients from committing suicide while trying to maintain his own grip on reality.

Starring Ewan McGregor, Naomi Watts, Ryan Gosling
Directed by Marc Forster via SittingOvations


A thought-provoking and haunting exploration of how reality and dream-states may combine to form complex interactions. The line between the imagination and reality blurs when an accomplished Psychiatrist takes on a patient that appears to be suicidal.