Graveyard Shift (1987) Trailer

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Graveyard Shift 1987 - Trailer

Graveyard Shift 1987  Trailer
Year: 1987
Genres: Horror
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M48S
Cast: Michael A. Miranda, Neil Clifford, Michael Glabb, Louis Blais, I. Jake Band, Helen Papas, Jerry Ciccoritti, Mauro Bruno, Dana Gabrionov, Cliff Stoker, Lawrence Bockner, Yvonee Selesnic, Gilda Wagman, Dorin Ferber, Arnie Buck, Luc Carriere, Mona Maria Sun, Dan Rose, Allan Levine, Thomas Rando, David Fraccon, John Haslett Cuff, Michael Skeete, Maria Voltoliny, Freda Band, Don James, Angela Turk, Leisa Balfour, Raymond Byng, Michael Bockner
Director(s): Jerry Ciccoritti

Trailer: Graveyard Shift (1987)

A vampire who works as a taxi driver meets and romances a young woman whom he turns into a fellow vamp, which prompts her jealous and estranged husband to try to kill both of them.

Trailer for a Canadian horror film. This is not to be confused with a Stephen King film of the same name.

Director: Jerry Ciccoritti
Starred: Michael A. Miranda, Helen Papas

DVD: Released in the USA under its alternative title 'Central Park Drifter'.

Note: Edited to obscure nudity. via AussieRoadshow


Night brings out the hungerin people, especially a mysterious NY cab driver. He is a powerful vampire. And working the night shift brings a sultry array of sensuous passengers within his grasp. Embracing those ready to die, he controls an erratic but well-balanced vampire realm. Then unexpectedly, he discovers erotic human passion-unleashing a raging, terrorizing evil. When a slew of innocent citizens are senselessly slaughtered, the baffled police must solve a 350 year old mystery of unsated passion.