Jigsaw (2002) Trailer

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Jigsaw 2002 - Trailer

Jigsaw 2002  Trailer
Year: 2002
Genres: Horror
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M18S
Cast: Arthur Simone, Marion Stein, Barret Walz, Candice Hansen, Aimee Bravo, Matthew Glas, Mia Zifkin, Maren Lindow, James Palmer, Mark Vollmers, David Wesley Cooper, Marissa Adams, Brian Ellis, Lance Miller, Tom Berna, Clem Stein III, Allison Stein, Joe Spang, Clem Stein Jr.
Director(s): Don Adams, Harry James Picardi

Trailer: Jigsaw (2002)

A group of art students working on their final project soon learn that putting a little of themselves into their work can be a bad thing.

Jigsaw - Full Moon - Original Trailer by Film&Clips

Directed by Don Adams and Harry James Picardi. With Barret Walz, Aimee Bravo, Mia Zifkin, Arthur Simone, Maren Lindow
USA, Full Moon (2002) 78'

Taglines: Put him together...he'll tear you apart!

Ad un gruppo di studenti, per superare l'esame finale, viene data una parte del corpo di un manichino rotto da decorare con oggetti che rispecchino la personalità di ogni ragazzo. Una volta ri-assemblato, sfortunatamente per il gruppo di ragazzi, il manichino tornerà in vita e reclamerà le parti del corpo delle sue vittime...

A group of students are given their final project to complete. They are each given a body part of a broken mannequin and have to go home and decorate it as they like. Upon completion, the mannequin is to be re-assembled and see what it looks like with each part supposedly reflecting the personality of the different individuals. Unfortunately for them, the mannequin comes alive and sets about taking real body parts from its victims.

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A group of art students working on their final project soon learn that putting a little of themselves into their work can be a bad thing.