Head Trauma (2006) Trailer

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Head Trauma (2006) - Trailer

Head Trauma (2006) - Trailer
Year: 2006
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M30S
Cast: Brandee Sanders, Steve Garvey, Kris Lindenmuth, Vince Mola, Jack Bromiley, Jamil A.C. Mangan, David Beard, Mary Monahan, Laura Evans, Meryl Lynn Brown, Brett Weiler, Marion Marella, Jim Sullivan, Natalie Marella, Louis A. Bisignani, Ethan Rublee, Cris Hazzard, Rushanna Grumbrow, Josh Cramer, Mike Chaleff, Robert Weiler, Mina Laugier, Brett Nielsen, Lena Laugier, Margo Mulholland, John Stefanic, Mark Rublee, Bob Mahoney
Director(s): Lance Weiler

Trailer: Head Trauma (2006)

After a 20 year absence, drifter, George Walker, returns home to settle his grandmother"s estate. As if awakening from a long dream...

http://headtraumamovie.com Seriously creepy and deeply unnerving, HEAD TRAUMA explores the uncomfortable notion that just because a person may be paranoid, doesn't necessarily mean that someone -- or something -- is not actually out to get them. In this engrossing chiller, drifter George Walker returns after many years to stake a claim on his deceased grandmother's abandoned house. Struggling to build some semblance of a normal life for himself, George tries to clean up the place by day. But his nights are uneasy and plagued by troubling visions of a mysterious hooded figure. Despite his best efforts, things grow worse as the house is condemned and his nightmares refuse to remain in the dark. via htmob


After a 20 year absence, drifter, George Walker, returns home to settle his grandmother's estate. As if awakening from a long dream, he finds his childhood home condemned and littered with the remnants of squatters. In the midst of trying to save his past, George falls and strikes his head, triggering an onslaught of vivid nightmares and waking visions. As the horror intrudes on George's reality, his conviction grows that someone or something is trying to kill him.