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The Portal 2010 - Trailer

The Portal 2010  Trailer
Year: 2010
Genres: Horror
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M5S
Cast: Michael Madsen, Stacy Keach, Nicholas Brendon, Josh Kelly, Kim Robert Koscki, Elena Praskin, Roddy Piper, Mary-Margaret Humes, Rachel Wittman, Sandy Hackett, Dustin Cyril Robles, Allegra Rodnunsky, Ariel Teal Toombs, Edward P. Blinn, Ally Rodnunsky, Dave Glenn, Ashly Margaret Rae, Evan Martinez, Paul Petersen, Marin Grote, Shaun Kurtz, Paul Hodge, Wade Speckels, Daniel Rodnunsky, Michael Muhney, Griffin Gordon, Jonah Li-Paz, Mckenna Koscki, Michael Desante, Allen Earls
Director(s): Serge Rodnunsky

Trailer: The Portal (2010)

Investigators pursuing a bizarre hemorrhagic illness are lead to a strange black painting that they discover is a portal to another dimension.

April and Daniel are medical examiners on the case of a strange, gory disease in which the patients are tormented by strange hallucinations before death.

Investigating the latest victims, they are led to a basement where they discover a curious, completely black painting which obsesses and intoxicates them. Staring deep into the canvas, each of them sees a child - their younger self - soon the horrifying doppelgangers emerge from the frame to hunt them.

They understand that to destroy the painting/portal before its too late, they must dare to face their inner child....

Michael Madsen, Zenna Zablocki, Michael Muhney, Stacey Keach, Nichalos Brandon, via FilmLoungeUK


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