Windows (1980) Trailer

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Windows (1980) - Trailer

Windows (1980) - Trailer
Year: 1980
Genres: Thriller, Drama
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M36S
Cast: Elizabeth Ashley, Russell Horton, Pat McNamara, Talia Shire, Bill Handy, Robert Hodge, Kyle Scott Jackson, Gerry Vichi, Bette Davis, Ilana Rapp, Kay Medford, Joe Cortese, Michael Gorrin, Michael Lipton, Rick Petrucelli, Ron Ryan, Linda Gillen, Tony DiBenedetto, Bryce Bond, Ken Chapin, Marty Greene
Director(s): Gordon Willis

Trailer: Windows (1980)

Shire is the subject of a perverse obsession by a Lesbian neighbor, Andrea, who not only is in lust...

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The withdrawn and recently divorced Emily (Talia Shire, Rocky) lives a lonely existence. But after enduring a bizarre assault at the hands of a stranger, Emily finds both comfort and friendship in her neighbor Andrea (Elizabeth Ashley, The Carpetbaggers.) As Emily contends with the fact that her attacker still stalks the streets, she slowly discovers that there is more to her new acquaintance, Andrea, beyond her helpful façade – something that becomes a window to the dark soul of depraved obsession.

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Emily is the subject of a perverse obsession by a gay neighbor, Andrea, who not only is in lust with her but hires a rapist in order to get audio tapes of her moaning. Andrea turns peeping tom and watches Emily with a telescope as she begins a love affair with Detective Cortese.