Blood Ties (1991) Trailer

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Blood Ties 1991 - Trailer

Blood Ties 1991  Trailer
Year: 1991
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M38S
Cast: Jason London, Robert Lesser, Bo Hopkins, Dave Florek, Patrick Bauchau, Michelle Johnson, Grace Zabriskie, Gregory Scott Cummins, Robert Miano, Joseph D. Reitman, Marilyn Rockafellow, Robert Burr, Salvator Xuereb, Michael C. Gwynne, Regan Patno, Philip Moon, Geoffrey Cascio, Anne Cooper, Ron Dortch, Richard Giorla, Nicholas Kepros, Barbara March, Chris Saavedra, Kim Johnston Ulrich, Harley Venton, Jamy Woodbury, Bill Landrum, Robia LaMorte, S. Michael Bellomo, Robia Scott
Director(s): Jim McBride

Trailer: Blood Ties (1991)

This film concerns the exploits of the "Carpathian American" society in Long Beach. Carpathian Americans...

This passable made-for-cable-TV vampire opus explores the clever concept of a Transylvanian immigrant community in the western United States. Young Cody (Jason London) is introduced to their legacy one fateful night when his parents are awakened, staked, and set on fire by ruthless vampire-hunters. After a narrow escape, Cody seeks out a distant uncle in Long Beach -- who happens to be a key figure in the "Carpathian-American" mob. Cody is eventually inducted into the culture, which is represented by various social strata, from a lawyer/journalist couple (who encourage further assimilation into non-vampire society), to a bloodsucking teenage biker gang. Cody becomes a full-fledged member of the family, learning the real secret which binds the community... but the new path to his destiny is soon blocked by the untimely arrival of the hunters, who have tracked him cross-country to his new family's Long Beach lair. This was originally conceived as a pilot for a TV series, and it shows -- the tendency to lapse into soap-opera conventions is all too apparent -- but benefits from a glossy look, high production values and some interesting plot twists. Cavett Binion, All Movie Guide via Nestercaful


This film concerns the exploits of the "Carpathian American" society in Long Beach. Carpathian Americans are just like any other expatriate organization, they enjoy family get together, and share business opportunities (cf the Italian Americans ...). There is just one minor difference, the Carpathian Americans seem to have a predilection for drinking human blood. The film begins somewhere deep in the bible belt where teenager Cody wakes to find that intruders have just skewered his parents and are about to set fire to them for good measure. Despite being shot by a crossbow bolt Cody makes his escape from the "hunters". He remembers his parent's advice to him that if he was ever in trouble he should contact his uncle in Long Beach. The uncle turns out to be a local businessman (of an unscrupulous nature) and also a leading light in the "Carpathian American" society. Cody is introduced to other members of the society notably Harry, a crusading journalist and his non-Carpathian girlfriend/lawyer who wants to see his fellow Carpathians become more integrated, the wanton Celia who likes to have her neck bitten during moments of ecstasy, and "The Shrikes" a gang of tearaway biker teenage vampires. Before long Cody has been initiated into the terrible secret which ties this clan together. All would be well if it were not for the hunters who have followed Cody and are now seeking to destroy the nest of vampires they have found. The Carpathians must choose between their outward air of "respectability" and renewing an age old blood feud.

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