KShop (2016) Red Band Trailer

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K-Shop 2016 - Red Band Trailer

KShop 2016  Red Band Trailer
Year: 2016
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Crime
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M22S
Cast: Darren Morfitt, Joey Seery, John Jefferies, Jack Ashley, Ari Darroch, Jayme Swiftt, Roxie Hart, Rosie Hodgkinson, Sam Atkins, Yasmin Clayton, Ewen MacIntosh, Harry Reid, Russell Biles, Mahmoud Elfaituri, Ben Waugh, Christopher Byrne, Duncan Meadows, John May, Sally Winter, Nicola Hosking, Mischa Weston-Green, Paul Coombes, Sean Cernow, Joseph Booton, TJ Nelson, Jon Mansbridge, Christine Adkin, Dani Claydon, Reece Noi, Sean Pogmore
Director(s): Dan Pringle

Trailer: K-Shop (2016)

A kebab shop owner"s son, Salah, turns vigilante after his father"s death in an effort to clean up the relentless onslaught of boozed up thrill seekers waging war on his doorstep.

A gruesome cannibalistic horror satire from writer/director Dan Pringle. Ziad Abaza, Reece Noi, and Darren Morfitt star in K-SHOP – Available on DVD/VOD December 12. K-SHOP Trailer (2017) | Breaking Glass Pictures | BGP Indie Movie.

After his father is killed in an altercation with drunken thugs, Salah's world is plunged into darkness. Forced into running the family kebab shop alone, Salah struggles to manage the increasingly rowdy nightlife. When a fight with an angry customer goes fatally wrong, he finds himself with a dead body on his hands. Having no faith in the authorities, Salah disposes of the body in the one place he knows best: the kebabs. As the shop's gullible customers devour the new recipe, Salah develops a taste for the kill and seizes the opportunity to turn vigilante, seeking vengeance for the abusive drunkards plaguing the streets.

DVD & VOD RELEASE: December 12, 2017

Director: Dan Pringle
CAST: Ziad Abaza, Reece Noi, Darren Morfitt, and Ewen MacIntosh


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K-Shop is a gritty urban Sweeney Todd inspired horror set in a British Kebab Shop plagued by binge drinking culture. After his father is killed in an altercation with drunken thugs, Salah's fate is sealed in a fight with an angry customer. With a dead body on his hands the novice kebab shop owner turns vigilante disposing of the body in the one place he knows best...the kebabs. Salah watches gullible customers devour the new flesh kebabs and seizes the opportunity to seek revenge on abusive drunken binge drinkers, killing off those he deems punishable.