The Terror Within II (1991) Trailer

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The Terror Within II (1991) - Trailer

The Terror Within II (1991) - Trailer
Year: 1991
Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M3S
Cast: R. Lee Ermey, Gordon Currie, Barbara Alyn Woods, Stella Stevens, RenĂ©e Jones, Renée Jones, Larry Gilman, Andrew Stevens, Butch Stevens, Lou Beatty Jr., Brad Blaisdell, Cyndi James Gossett, Scott Allen, Chick Vennera, The German Giant, Peter Koch, Clare Hoak, Dean Jones, Brewster Gould, Burton Gilliam, Philip K. Irven
Director(s): Andrew Stevens

Trailer: The Terror Within II (1991)

In a post apocalyptic world full of terrifying mutants known as gargoyles, survivors of the last human colony battles against intruding gargoyles miles below the earths surface.

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In a world gone mad, the last human colony struggles to survive underground, beneath a land of nightmarish mutants who seek to destroy them. But when the mutant breaks inside humanity's final stronghold, the battle for survival pits the human colonists against their deadly invaders a few miles below the Earth's surface.