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Night School 1981 - Trailer

Night School 1981  Trailer
Year: 1981
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M26S
Cast: Drew Snyder, Edward Chalmers Jr., John Blood, Wally Hooper Jr., Belle McDonald, Kevin Fennessy, Nick Cairis, Holly Hardman, Meb Boden, Leonard Corman, Edward C. Higgins, William McDonald, Rachel Ward, Lisa Allee, Elizabeth Alice, Patricia Pellows, Elizabeth Barnitz, J.J. Wright, Leonard Mann, Patricia Rust, Ted Duncan, Jane-Leah Bedrick, Joseph R. Sicari, Kevin King, Karen MacDonald, Nancy Rothman, Annette Miller, Bill McCann, Margo Skinner
Director(s): Ken Hughes

Trailer: Night School (1981)

Who"s been decapitating the innocent girls at a local night school? The police are baffled.

They work by day, take a full schedule of classes all night and somehow find time for study and an occasional date. Women in the evening curriculum at Boston's distinguished Wendell College do a lot to get ahead in life. But there's someone who will go to even greater heights. Someone will do anything to get a head. A killer whose m.o. is the ritualistic decapitation of victims makes terror a required course at Night School, directed by Kenneth Hughes (Casino Royale) and starring Rachel Ward (The Thorn Birds; After Dark, My Sweet) in her screen debut. Leonard Mann plays the homicide lieutenant assigned to the puzzling case. He has hunches, not clues. Suspects, not evidence. And a rising body count. Finals are coming early this year at Wendell. And for those who don't make the grade, heads will roll. via warnerarchive


A Boston police detective investigates a series of gruesome decapitations of various college coeds commited by a helmeted, black-leather clad serial killer which leads him to suspect a well known anthropology professor as well as his female live-in assistant.

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