Bad Dreams (1988) Trailer

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Bad Dreams (1988) - Trailer

Bad Dreams (1988) - Trailer
Year: 1988
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M43S
Cast: Richard Lynch, Jennifer Rubin, Charles Fleischer, Romy Rosemont, Elizabeth Daily, Ben Kronen, Harris Yulin, Bruce Abbott, Randy Oglesby, Michael Joiner, Sarina C. Grant, Julianna McCarthy, Susan Ruttan, John Scott Clough, Anthony Cecere, Annie Waterman, Coleen Maloney, Susan Barnes, Sy Richardson, Philip Granger, Tim Trella, Linda Kaye, James Purcell, John Solari, Julianne Dallara, Don Sparks, Melissa Francis, Alba Francesca, Louis Giambalvo, Sheila Scott-Wilkenson
Director(s): Andrew Fleming

Trailer: Bad Dreams (1988)

The lone survivor of a suicide cult wakes from a thirteen-year coma in a psychiatric ward, where other patients suddenly start dying under mysterious and gruesome circumstances.

Theatrical Trailer for Bad Dreams (1988). Starring Jennifer Rubin and Bruce Abbott. Visit for more B-Movie awesomeness! via stinkomovies


In the mid-'70s, a cult group called Unity Field commits mass suicide, but a young girl survives. After being in a coma for thirteen years she wakes up in a psyche ward, not remembering the incident. The psychiatrist tries to help her remember, but she begins seeing the leader of the cult talking to her from the grave, and the other members of her therapy group begin to commit suicide around her. Or is it suicide?