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Heebie Jeebies 2005 - Trailer

Heebie Jeebies 2005  Trailer
Year: 2005
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M29S
Cast: Alex Balestrieri, Tony Wood, Deb Billing, Vanessa Yuille, Amy Booth, Fermin D. Burgos, Doug Evans, Amy Geyser, Michael Hawkins-Burgos, Angela Kane, Jeff Lee, John Lee, Lance Marsh, Reaca Pearl, Jj Shebesta, Roberto Soto, Jonathan Wainwright, Bobbie Jo Westphal
Director(s): Doug Evans, Michael Hawkins-Burgos

Trailer: Heebie Jeebies (2005)

A woman gathers her friends together in a cabin to try and protect them from a killer after she dreams each of their deaths. This, however, just puts them all in one spot making for easy pickings for the slasher.

A supernatural creature gives "scared to death" a whole new meaning. 2013 Panic Investments LLC. All Rights Reserved. via Heebie Jeebies - Trailer


Cassandra (Bobbie Jo Westphal) has been ridden with dreams about emanating death. One of these dreams came true when she predicted the demise of her own mother. Now Cassandra is having dreams predicting the deaths of her close friends. Trying to protect her friends she brings them to an abandoned house. Even though the plan seems good, a brutal killer begins stalking them, and even Cassandra may be helpless in her plight to protect her friends from her own horrors.