The Chaser (2008) Trailer

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The Chaser (2008) - Trailer

The Chaser (2008) - Trailer
Year: 2008
Genres: Thriller, Action, Crime
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M32S
Cast: Deok-jae Jo, Jung-woo Ha, Yun-seok Kim, In-gi Jeong, Hyo-ju Park, Yeong-hie Seo, Sang-hee Lee, Yoo-Jeong Kim, Bon-woong Ko, Seong-kwang Ha, Jong-goo Lee, Woo-Jeong Oh, Moo-yeong Yeo, Yoon-Seok Kim
Director(s): Hong-jin Na

Trailer: The Chaser (2008)

A cash-strapped pimp and former police detective draws upon the skills of his old job to track down his missing stable of prostitutes.

Trailer-Asian Horror (2008) SOUTH KOREA

Hong-jin Na

Shinho Lee, Hong-jin Na, and 1 more credit »

Yun-seok Kim, Jung-woo Ha and Yeong-hie Seo

Synopsis:Joong-ho is a dirty detective turned pimp in financial trouble as several of his girls have recently disappeared without clearing their debts. While trying to track them down, he finds a clue that the vanished girls were all called up by a same client whom one of his girls is meeting with right now. via munky2ube

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