Games (1967) Trailer

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Games 1967 - Trailer

Games 1967  Trailer
Year: 1967
Genres: Thriller
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M27S
Cast: James Caan, Don Stroud, Katharine Ross, Jeff Scott, Peter Brocco, Eloise Hardt, Simone Signoret, Eloise Hart, Ena Hartman, Kendrick Huxham, Joanne Medley, Carmen Phillips, Rachel Rosenthal, Robert Aiken, Pitt Herbert, Max Lewin, Kent Smith, Florence Marly, Anthony Eustrel, Carl Guttenberger, Ian Wolfe, Stuart Nisbet, George Furth, Richard Guizon, Luana Anders, Adele Claire, Eddra Gale, Marjorie Bennett, Estelle Winwood
Director(s): Curtis Harrington

Trailer: Games (1967)

A bored art-collecting Manhattan couple invite an interesting aging cosmetics saleswoman to enliven their dull lives by directing sex and death "games." Featuring a corpse encased in plaster and displayed in the living room as art, and a twist ending.

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Paul (Caan) and Jennifer (Ross) are a pair of wealthy Upper East Side socialites who like to amuse themselves by playing twisted and occasionally sad**tic mind games. But when a mysterious woman (Signoret) shows up at their door and begins to exhibit uncanny psychic abilities, the rules change … and the stakes become higher – and deadlier – than ever before.

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A young hip New York couple, Jennifer and Paul Montgomery, love to play games. Jennifer is a wealthy heiress and inherited their New York brownstone from her mother. Paul for his part likes to spend her money and indulges his interests in modern art. They hold frequent parties and play their games. Into their lives appears Lisa Schindler, a door to door saleswoman. They decide to play one of their practical jokes on the grocery delivery man, Norman, where a supposedly jealous Paul accuses him of making advances to Jennifer, He shoots him twice - with blanks - and everyone has a laugh but the third shot kills him. In the days following his death Jennifer begins to hear noises in the house and seeing shadowy figures at the end of dark hallways. Is it all a game?