Eaten Alive! (1980) Trailer

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Eaten Alive 1980 - Trailer

Eaten Alive 1980  Trailer
Year: 1980
Genres: Horror, Adventure
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M5S
Cast: Edward Mannix, Robert Kerman, Susan Spafford, Frank von Kuegelgen, Franco Fantasia, Ivan Rassimov, Geoffrey Copleston, Janet Agren, Fiamma Maglione, Me Me Lai, John Gayford, Anthony La Penna, Paola Senatore, Andy Luotto, Alfred Joseph Berry, Steven Luotto, Michele Schmiegelm, Gerald Grant, Jake Teague, Francesco Narducci, Carlo Longhi, Franco Coduti, Mel Ferrer
Director(s): Umberto Lenzi

Trailer: Eaten Alive! (1980)

One of the less gruesome cannibal tales. A woman is searching for her missing sister and she finds hope in the folly of a dead hit-man who has a film on him. The film shows some sad**tic torture and a brief cameo by her sister taken by a documentary film crew who obviously didn"t make it out. She then leaves for the jungle joined by cannibal film regular Robert Kerman (playing Mark Butler), where they meet up with the standard Cannibal tribe and a Jim Jones like cult leader. Of course escape is next to impossible with the always-hungry cannibals waiting them out and the crazy followers of the suicide cult leader ready to eat them on command.

Umberto Lenzi (CANNIBAL FEROX) directed this atrocious cannibal/religious cult exploitation feature that has become a cult favorite for its awful dialogue, countless scenes of unintentional comedy, copious gore, and a wealth of footage lifted from other cannibal films. Filmed not long after the Jonestown tragedy in Guyana, director Lenzi tries his hand at topicality by having the film revolve around an insane religious leader named Jonas who has taken a small cult of people from America and moved them into a camp in New Guinea that is located right in the middle of cannibal country. When a woman named Diana sends her sister Sheila mysterious footage of an apparently cannibalistic ritual taking place at the camp, Sheila becomes determined to rescue her. Arriving in New Guinea, Sheila hires an ex-G.I. to help her put together an expedition to the camp with the intention of forcibly removing Diana.

Director: Umberto Lenzi
Format: DVD
Cast: Robert Kerman, Janet Agren
Language: Italian
Year: 1980
Cat Number: BT4465
Barcode: 5030462044651
Release Date: 05 October 2009
No of Discs: 1
Cert: 18

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