In the Dark (2013) Trailer

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In the Dark (2013) - Trailer

In the Dark (2013) - Trailer
Year: 2013
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Short
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M3S
Cast: Patricia Squire, Jonah Larrama, Doug Drucker, Anthony Pichette, Kevin Kane, Paul Krasner, Bettina Bilger, Evelyn Jack, Victor Joel Ortiz, Gordona L'Dera, Matthew Rhode, Sandra M. Bloom, Richard Lampone, Byron Hall, Malachi Nimmons Jr., Tiara Christine Wendell, Kelly Tuohy, Charles Young, Todd Litzinger, Joan Levin, Justin Stiver, Alyssa Morales, Laura McDonald, Laura Max McDonald, Alban Merdani, Kendrick Merdani, Dion Flynn, Malachi Nimmons, Randall McFadden, Susan Kirby
Director(s): Bettina Bilger

Trailer: In the Dark (2013)

Attraction, jealousy, miscommunication and obsessive behaviors, navigating life with your New York City neighbors. via AcheiDownload


A modern comedy that takes us through the different stages of a new relationship, initial attraction, jealousy, miscommunication and obsessive behaviors. It touches on protecting the ego and navigating the deep passions one can have with one's neighbors, the attractive and the crazy. A love story.