Horror Movie Trailers 2017 & Videos

  • Wish Upon (2017) - Trailer

    John R. Leonetti's Wish Upon (2017) trailer #2 is based off a screenplay by Barbara Marshall. Wish Upon is set to release in movie theaters on July 14, 2017, via Broad Green Pictures. Read the full movie synopsis for this film below. Joey King, Ryan Phillippe, Ki Hong Lee, Mitchell Slaggert, Shannon Purser, Sydney Park, Kevin Hanchard, and Sherilyn Fenn star in fantasy horror thriller Wish Upon. Twelve years after discovering her mother's suicide, 17-year-old…

  • Resident Evil: Vendetta (2017) - Trailer

    Resident Evil: Vendetta (2017) - Trailer

    Takanori Tsujimoto directed Resident Evil: Vendetta (2017) is the new CGI Resident Evil film and it looks fantastic. Visually and character design looks to be nailed in this trailer. Matthew Mercer, Cristina Valenzuela, and Karen Strassman voice the characters in Resident Evil: Vendetta.

  • Black Butterfly (2017) - Trailer

    Black Butterfly (2017) - Trailer

    Brian Goodman's Black Butterfly (2017) is an R-rated film that looks exciting. A very well made trailer with Meyers as a drifter with evil intent and Banderas as the man caught in the middle. Watch this movie trailer; I cannot wait to see the film. Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Piper Perabo, and Antonio Banderas star in Black Butterfly.

  • Death Note (2017) - Teaser Trailer

    Death Note (2017) - Teaser Trailer

    Adam Wingard's Death Note (2017) finally has a teaser trailer released, and it looks extremely promising. I knew the Netflix original film adaptation of the popular anime and manga written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata was in great hands with Wingard at the helm. Adam Wingard's live-action Death Note movie will release on Netflix this upcoming August 25, 2017. In this teaser trailer, Nat Wolff stars as Light Turner with superstar Willem…

  • Cruel Summer (2016) - Trailer

    Cruel Summer (2016) - Trailer

    Co-directors Phillip Escott and Craig Newman bring us Cruel Summer (2016). This trailer states the film is inspired by actual events and gives us all the background story we need for the film. Danny Miller, Reece Douglas, and Richard Pawulski star in Cruel Summer.

  • Whispers (2015) - Trailer

    Whispers (2015) - Trailer

    Director Tammi Sutton brings us Whispers (2015) trailer shows us a lot of intense moments and one creepy looking bath scene. Keeley Hazell, Craig Rees, and Barbara Nedeljakova star in Whispers.

  • The Quiet Hour (2014) - Trailer

    The Quiet Hour (2014) - Trailer

    The Quiet Hour (2014) is directed by Stephanie Joalland, and this movie trailer starts slow but quickly picks up the pace. For an alien invasion movie, we see no aliens, but the human threats seem worse. Dakota Blue Richards, Karl Davies, and Jack McMullen star in The Quiet Hour.

  • Wait Till Helen Comes (2016) - Trailer

    Wait Till Helen Comes (2016) - Trailer

    Dominic James directed Wait Till Helen Comes (2016) trailer looks intriguing and is based on the popular best-selling children's book. Maria Bello, Sophie Nelisse, and Callum Keith Rennie star in Wait Till Helen Comes.

  • The Dark Tapes (2017) - Trailer

    The Dark Tapes (2017) - Trailer

    The Dark Tapes (2017) is a horror sci-fi thriller co-directed by Vincent J. Guastini and Michael McQuown. This horror anthology trailer mixes scenes from the creepier and more twisted parts of the film for a jarring experience of the ups and downs to be expected. If not down this way, the trailer would have been too boring. All of the scenes are found footage style but this trailer does suffer from too much shown all…

  • Deviant Behavior (2017) - Trailer

    Deviant Behavior (2017) - Trailer

    Jacob Grim's Deviant Behavior (2017) is a slasher thriller, and this movie trailer has a serious tone to it. I am not a fan of this trailer even though I understood all it was trying to do. John Dugan, Ed Guinn, and Bonnie Ann Coronado star in Deviant Behavior (2017)

  • Transformers: The Last Knight (2017) - Trailer

    Transformers: The Last Knight (2017) - Trailer

    Michael Bay directed Transformers: The Last Knight (2017) trailer starts off with a slow and steady narrative from Anthony Hopkins. In the background we see many things happening teasing us with an answer to why the Transformers/Autobots and the Decepticons are always fighting over Earth. This all leads up to the final showdown between Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, why would those two be fighting? A fantastic trailer for this film releasing in movie theaters this…

  • I Am Legend (2007) - Trailer

    I Am Legend (2007) - Trailer

    This trailer for director Francis Lawrence's I Am Legend (2007) starts off slow with a steady narrative from Will Smith's character detailing how the virus spread and the desolate Manhattan it left behind. Will Smith, Alice Braga, and Charlie Tahan star in I Am Legend.

  • The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) - Trailer

    The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) - Trailer

    Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) trailer showcases all of the highlights from the film. As a fan of Peter Jackson's films, I cannot wait to rewatch the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen, and Orlando Bloom star in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

  • Officer Downe (2016) - Trailer

    Officer Downe (2016) - Trailer

    Shawn Crahan's Officer Downe (2016) comes from the producers of Crank (2006) with a heavy emphasis on action. This sci-fi film features Officer Downe as a former police officer returned from the dead to clean up crime once again. Kim Coates, Tyler Ross, and Meadow Williams star in Officer Downe.

  • Voice from the Stone (2017) - Trailer

    Voice from the Stone (2017) - Trailer

    Eric D. Howell's Voice from the Stone (2017) trailer comes to us via Momentum Pictures. This trailer shows that this film will be an atmospheric horror movie progressing a little slow at first then becoming a scary looking time for Emilia Clarke. Marton Csokas, Caterina Murino, Remo Girone, Lisa Gastoni, and Edward Dring also star in Voice from the Stone.

  • Fetish Factory (2017) - Trailer

    Fetish Factory (2017) - Trailer

    Director Staci Layne Wilson's Fetish Factory (2017) stars pin-up vixens vs. zombies in this comedy horror sci-fi film. Fetish Factory starts out like those old cheesy horror movies with the awkward narrative and a lot of skin. Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, Carrie Keagan, and Elissa Dowling star in Fetish Factory.

  • The Raking (2017) - Trailer

    The Raking (2017) - Trailer

    Bryan Brewer's The Raking (2017) trailer plays like any other for this type of mystery internet creepypasta creature feature. Filmed like a documentary gone wrong, this movie looks interesting, and I will be watching it with my son. Bryan Brewer, Cree Kelly, and Allie Rivera star in The Raking.

  • We Go On (2016) - Trailer

    We Go On (2016) - Trailer

    Check out this movie trailer for We Go On (2016), co-directed by Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton. This trailer sets up the entire plot of a man putting an ad in the local newspaper valued at $30K to anyone who can provide definitive proof of the afterlife. Annette O'Toole, Clark Freeman, and John Glover star in We Go On.

  • Us and Them (2017) - Trailer

    Us and Them (2017) - Trailer

    Joe Martin's Us and Them (2017) trailer stars a man who goes crazy and is looking to start a revolution against the establishment. This film has a little anarchy in this crime horror thriller movie. Jack Roth, Sophie Colquhoun, and Tim Bentinck star in Us and Them.

  • Evolution (2015) - Trailer

    Evolution (2015) - Trailer

    Lucile Hadzihalilovic's Evolution (2015) movie trailer emphasizes the horror mystery part of this film. Max Brebant, Roxane Duran, and Julie-Marie Parmentier star in Evolution.

  • Geostorm (2017) - Trailer

    Geostorm (2017) - Trailer

    Co-directed by Dean Devlin and Danny Cannon, Geostorm (2017) is an action sci-fi thriller film. This trailer for Geostorm shows that the world is controlled by the technology that controls the weather from Earth's orbit. Not sure who controls that technology but we do see a lot of catastrophes and some epic imagery in the disasters. Gerard Butler, Abbie Cornish, and Ed Harris star in Geostorm.

  • Dark Ascension (2017) - Trailer

    Dark Ascension (2017) - Trailer

    Dark Ascension (2017) is directed by Gene Fallaize and features appearances by Bruce Campbell and Paul Blackthorne. The gates of Heaven and Hell are broken and the afterlife is no longer the same and the impending war between good and evil is imminent, can the new arrivals stop this war? Sean Young, Tara Reid, and Jeremy Sumpter star in Dark Ascension.

  • Kill Command (2016) - Trailer

    Kill Command (2016) - Trailer

    Director Steven Gomez's Kill Command (2016) trailer looks exciting and this trailer even has a part where it says the film is "Predator meets The Terminator." The robots in the video look great and I do want to see how the story plays out, great trailer! Vanessa Kirby, David Ajala, and Mike Noble star in Kill Command.

  • Parasites (2016) - Trailer

    Parasites (2016) - Trailer

    Chad Ferrin's Parasites (2016) trailer shows us the plot of the film where three friends get lost in Skid Row falling victim to angry homeless people. This trailer has good action scenes reminding me a little of The Warriors (1979). Robert Miano, Joseph Pilato, and Tim Halpin star in Parasites.

  • MindGamers (2015) - Trailer

    MindGamers (2015) - Trailer

    I do not know if I am just a sucker for Sam Neill, but Andrew Goth's MindGamers (2015) looks awesome! MindGamer is something like the Matrix and a Hive mind plot, and utterly thrilling. Sam Neill, Dominique Tipper, and Tom Payne star in MindGamers.

  • Elder Island (2016) - Trailer

    Elder Island (2016) - Trailer

    This movie trailer for Darrin James' Elder Island (2016) looks horrible with an annoying background music playing. I will not be watching this film, and I hope I get that soundtrack out of my mind soon. Jamie Bernadette, Jordan Trovillion, and Alora Catherine Smith star in Elder Island.

  • White Coffin (2016) - Trailer

    White Coffin (2016) - Trailer

    Daniel de la Vega's White Coffin (2016), aka Ataud Blanco: El Juego Diabolico (2016), this trailer starts with all the right elements for an action horror thriller film. The entire movie trailer is a very well done thrill ride. Rafael Ferro, Ivan Baumgart, and Alma Benitez star in White Coffin.

  • Shelley (2016) - Trailer

    Shelley (2016) - Trailer

    Ali Abbasi's Shelley (2016) trailer starts off slow and but half way through we get to see the scary side of the film. Ellen Dorrit Petersen, Cosmina Stratan, and Bjorn Andresen star in Shelley.

  • It Comes at Night (2017) - Trailer

    It Comes at Night (2017) - Trailer

    Trey Edward Shults directed It Comes at Night (2017) movie trailer looks creepy from the very beginning immersing you into the plot. Joel Edgerton, Riley Keough, and Carmen Ejogo star in It Comes at Night.

  • Let Me Make You a Martyr (2016) - Trailer

    Let Me Make You a Martyr (2016) - Trailer

    Co-directed by Corey Asraf and John Swab is Let Me Make You a Martyr (2016). Watching this movie trailer, this may look an enjoyable film, but not one I am interested in watching. Marilyn Manson, Mark Boone Junior, and Sam Quartin star in Let Me Make You a Martyr.

  • Spectral (2016) - Trailer

    Spectral (2016) - Trailer

    Netflix Original and directed by Nic Mathieu comes Spectral (2016). This supernatural sci-fi thriller is very action oriented, and some elements look like as if you are playing an action game. This movie trailer looks thrilling and exciting. James Badge Dale, Emily Mortimer, and Bruce Greenwood star in Spectral.

  • In a Lonely Place (2016) - Trailer

    In a Lonely Place (2016) - Trailer

    Director Davide Montecchi brought us his latest horror film In a Lonely Place (2016). This movie trailer looks creepy and different, but I feel it may not have enough to keep me interested for the full film. Luigi Busignani and Lucrezia Frenquellucci star In a Lonely Place.

  • Adam K (2017) - Trailer

     Adam K (2017) - Trailer

    Joston Theney's Adam K (2017) movie trailer has a loud "alarm-type " sound that helps to get you thrilled for the film, but the ending one-liner is horribly delivered. Farrah Abraham, Arielle Brachfeld, and Emii star in Adam K.

  • Holy Terror (2017) - Trailer

    Holy Terror (2017) - Trailer

    Holy Terror (2017) is directed by Rich Mallery and this trailer is boring but I still found watching to see what came next. Like I said, there is also a good bit of bad acting to be found in this trailer. Lisa London, Kristine DeBell, and Kelly Lynn Reiter star in Holy Terror.

  • The Love Witch (2016) - Trailer

    The Love Witch (2016) - Trailer

    Director Anna Biller brings us her new horror comedy film in The Love Witch (2016). This trailer showcases all the movie is intended to poke fun at like the Technicolor thrillers of the 60s. Samantha Robinson, Jeffrey Vincent Parise, and Laura Waddell star in The Love Witch.

  • The Axe Murders of Villisca (2016) - Trailer

    The Axe Murders of Villisca (2016) - Trailer

    Right from the start, this movie trailer for Tony E. Valenzuela's The Axe Murders of Villisca (2016) grabs your attention. We get a tragic event followed by the paranormal black eyes of the individual inflicting the horror. Robert Adamson, Jarrett Sleeper, and Alex Frnka star in The Axe Murders of Villisca.

  • The Transfiguration (2016) - Trailer

    The Transfiguration (2016) - Trailer

    This vampiric horror film directed by Michael O'Shea and titled The Transfiguration (2016) is a slow burn vampire film. I would like to say it reminds me of some of the better parts of Let the Right One In (2008) and the US remake Let Me In (2010). Eric Ruffin, Chloe Levine, and Jelly Bean star in The Transfiguration.

  • Quarries (2016) - Trailer

    Quarries (2016) - Trailer

    Nils Taylor's Quarries (2016) tells the story of some women who are trying to escape their everyday nightmares who fall into a deeper mess in the vast forest. This trailer looks promising and thrilling. Nicole Marie Johnson, Leisha Hailey, and Carrie Finklea star in Quarries.

  • Psychos (2015) - Trailer

    Psychos (2015) - Trailer

    Director Sandy Chukhadarian's Psychos (2015) is a rated R film that is a crime drama horror movie. Leomark Studios will release this film on VOD this upcoming March 17, 2017. Angelica Chitwood, Deniele Ramos Cloutier, and Melissa Elena Jones star in Psychos. From the Press Release: This March they're back for bloody revenge. Writer-director Sandy Chukhadarian's Psychos attacks VOD 3/17 from Leomark Studios. When three young women receive shocking videos anonymously, a nightmare is reawakened…

  • Imitation Girl (2017) - Trailer

    Imitation Girl (2017) - Trailer

    Director Natasha Kermani's Imitation Girl (2017) is a twisted tale about a mysterious twin who appears out of nowhere. Lauren Ashley Carter, Lewis Black, and Adam David Thompson star in Imitation Girl.

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