Horror Movie Trailers 2017 & Videos

  • Peelers (2016) - Trailer

    Peelers (2016) is directed by Seve Schelenz and looks like it will be an okay watch. The setting and the gross factors help to create an interesting tone for this film. Wren Walker, Caz Odin Darko, and Madison J. Loos star in Peelers. Press Release: From Sev? Schelenz, director of Skew, comes the gooey, gory instant classic Peelers premiering on VOD this March. Wren Walker, Caz Odin Darko and Madison J. Loos star in "a…

  • Plaga Zombie: American Invasion - Trailer

    Plaga Zombie: American Invasion - Trailer

    Director Garry Medeiros brings us his action movie Plaga Zombie: American Invasion. More like something from The Toxic Avenger (1984) brand of stupid humor and gross factor. This film is another film I will not be watching unless it appears on Netflix and I am absolutely drunk. Ben Tolosa, Matthew G. Hill, and Corey Spencer star in Plaga Zombie: American Invasion.

  • Blind Sun (2015) - Trailer

    Blind Sun (2015) - Trailer

    Female director Joyce A. Nashawati's Blind Sun (2015) has this movie trailer attached to the film. In this movie set in Greece, taking place in the middle of a heat wave. This trailer creates more questions than answers but is also incredibly boring and lacking in excitement. Anther slow burn horror film I am not interested in watching. Ziad Bakri, Mimi Denissi, and Louis-Do de Lencquesaing star in Blind Sun.

  • Stray Bullets (2016) - Trailer

    Stray Bullets (2016) - Trailer

    Stray Bullets (2016) comes to us from young movie director Jack Fessenden with Screen Media Films releasing this film in movie theaters on February 10, 2017. This crime drama thriller film takes a simple boring trip and turns it into an exciting trip. James Le Gros, John Speredakos, and Larry Fessenden star in Stray Bullets.

  • A Cure for Wellness (2016) - Trailer

    A Cure for Wellness (2016) - Trailer

    Gore Verbinski's A Cure for Wellness (2016) from 20th Century Fox is releasing in movie theaters this upcoming February 17, 2017. This film trailer sets up a typical find and retrieves mission in the search for an executive then turns into a Lovecraft-like thriller film. Jason Isaacs, Dane DeHaan, and Mia Goth star in A Cure for Wellness.

  • The Circle (2017) - Trailer

    The Circle (2017) - Trailer

    Director James Ponsoldt is bringing us his new drama sci-fi thriller movie in The Circle (2017). From this movie trailer, you can see that this film has some noteworthy stars cast. The dream job turns into a big brother watching type living nightmare. The Circle releases in movie theaters this upcoming April 28, 2017. Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, and Karen Gillan star in The Circle.

  • Borderline (2017) - Trailer

    Borderline (2017) - Trailer

    Paul Maso's Borderline (2017) has a trailer attached to the film, and I feel like I have seen this movie in some form or fashion before. We cannot always get original films but judging from this movie trailer; I am not putting it too high on my watch later list. The performances from the actresses look terrific so try watching this trailer and judging for yourself. Txema Lorente, Mireia Valles, and Paula Ortiz star in…

  • Drifter (2016) - Trailer

    Drifter (2016) - Trailer

    Director Chris von Hoffmann's Drifter (2016) is a different take on the From Dusk Till Dawn plot replacing vampires with cannibals. This trailer looks very interesting, so keep an eye on this film. Aria Emory, Drew Harwood, Monique Rosario, Anthony Ficco, Rebecca Fraiser, and James McCabe star in Drifter.

  • Lavender (2016) - Trailer

    Lavender (2016) - Trailer

    Director Ed Gass-Donnelly's Lavender (2016) seems like a film we have seen too often, so the success of this film relies heavily on the storytelling, performance, and filmography. Dermot Mulroney, Abbie Cornish, and Justin Long star in Lavender.

  • Day of Reckoning (2016) - Trailer

    Day of Reckoning (2016) - Trailer

    Director Joel Novoa's Day of Reckoning (2016) movie looks thrilling in this movie trailer with flying demon-like creatures wreaking havoc on what sounds like the Earth. I missed this film on Syfy but will make better efforts to watch it when I get a chance. Jackson Hurst, Heather McComb, and Jay Jay Warren star in Day of Reckoning.

  • Red Net (2016) - Trailer

    Red Net (2016) - Trailer

    Director Tiziano Cella's Red Net (2016) movie is a new thriller movie set to release on Blu-ray, DVD, and various VOD platforms later this year. Claudia Marasca, David White, and Federica Masullo star in Red Net. From the Press Release: SGL Entertainment is pleased to announce that they have just acquired the Unique Found Footage Horror Film RED NET, and will be releasing the movie on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD later this year. Directed by…

  • The Chamber (2016) - Trailer

    The Chamber (2016) - Trailer

    From StudioCanal and director Ben Parker comes The Chamber (2016) which is set to release in UK movie theaters this upcoming March 10, 2017. The Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital Download release set for March 20, 2017. Johannes Kuhnke, Charlotte Salt, James McArdle, and Elliot Levey star in The Chamber. More: official Facebook page

  • Colossal (2016) - Trailer

    Colossal (2016) - Trailer

    Director Nacho Vigalondo completed his latest sci-fi thriller movie titled Colossal (2016) set to release in movie theaters this April 7, 2017. This film stars Anne Hathaway as a woman who discovers that she can control the colossal kaiju-like monster(s), maybe a side effect of her mental breakdown. This trailer looks great with the bits of humor scattered throughout the trailer. Dan Stevens, Anne Hathaway, and Jason Sudeikis star in Colossal.

  • Dead West (2016) - Trailer

    Dead West (2016) - Trailer

    Director Jeff Ferrell is bringing us Dead West (2016) as a crime drama horror film. I have to admit, this movie trailer looks interesting. Dead West is about a serial killer traveling across the country looking for the love of his life. Trin Miller, Lisa Coronado, and Katie Michels star in Dead West.

  • Netflix's Iron Fist Season 1 - Trailer

    Netflix's Iron Fist Season 1 - Trailer

    Marvel and Netflix's Iron Fist Season 1 releases on the popular streaming network this upcoming Friday, March 17, 2017. Continuing into The Defenders initiative, we finally get the next character to get his TV series after Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage. I was initially a little concerned with the casting of Iron Fist, but after watching this official movie trailer, I feel assured that all is going as it should. Iron Fist is the…

  • Life (2017) - Trailer

    Life (2017) - Trailer

    Sony Pictures and director Daniel Espinosa is bringing us this horror sci-fi thriller movie in Life (2017). Columbia Pictures will release Life in movie theaters on March 24, 2017. What an all-star cast they gathered here for this film. Great performances in this movie trailer. I doubt we are looking at the next Aliens franchise here, but I am interested in watching this movie. Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, Olga Dihovichnaya, Ariyon Bakare, Hiroyuki Sanada, and…

  • Netflix's Stranger Things Season 2 Teaser - Super Bowl 2017

    Netflix's Stranger Things Season 2 Teaser - Super Bowl 2017

    Netflix released a teaser for their Stranger Things Season 2 coming this Halloween 2017. Some of the imagery depicted in these scenes prove that the showrunners (Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer) are going bigger and better in this new season. Winona Ryder, David Harbour, and Finn Wolfhard star in Netflix's Stranger Things Season 2. Stranger Things 2 is coming. Halloween 2017. A year after Will's return, everything seems back to normal... but a darkness lurks…

  • Nails (2016) - Trailer

    Nails (2016) - Trailer

    In this horror movie from director Dennis Bartok, Nails (2016) sets up a very scary story of a woman terrorized by a malevolent ghost looking to torment her. Nails looks great according to this movie trailer. The scares and terror are all present in the right portions. Shauna Macdonald, Steve Wall, and Ross Noble star in Nails. Thanks to Dread Central for this trailer. From the Press Release: Fantastic Films and Kaleidoscope Film Distribution announced…

  • Ghosts of Darkness (2017) - Trailer

    Ghosts of Darkness (2017) - Trailer

    Director David Ryan Keith is bringing us a new breed of ghost hunters in Ghosts of Darkness (2017). This trailer looks a little bit tacky for my liking but who knows. Only saving grace in the trailer is when they mention "is it a ghost or a demon?" Michael Koltes, Paul Flannery, and Steve Weston star in Ghosts of Darkness. From the Press Release: David Ryan Keith's paranormal spooker GHOSTS OF DARKNESS premieres on digital…

  • The Blackcoat's Daughter (2015) - Trailer

    The Blackcoat's Daughter (2015) - Trailer

    Director Oz Perkins' The Blackcoat's Daughter (2015) releases in movie theaters on March 31, 2017, via A24. This movie trailer looks very creepy and moody. More like a slow-burn horror thriller film. Emma Roberts, Kiernan Shipka, Lucy Boynton, Lauren Holly, and James Remar star in The Blackcoat's Daughter, formerly known as February (2015). A deeply atmospheric and terrifying new horror film, The Blackcoat's Daughter centers on Kat (Kiernan Shipka) and Rose (Lucy Boynton), two girls…

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Horror Videos
Horror videos and movies have grown to become the longest-lasting movie genre in history. Horror videos are intended to elicit a feeling of dread, fear, or dismay. Expect the unexpected and count on an intense atmosphere that grows at a face pace. Horror videos often lull you into a sense of tranquility then suddenly create a menacing effect that jolts you out of your comfort zone. They can leave you with a vague ending, so you have the sense that the menace still remains, which is the perfect set up for a sequel. The two main subjects of horror videos are supernatural beings (vampires, phantoms, demons, etc.) or real situations and figures (serial killers, medical tragedies, etc.).

Scary Videos and Why We Love Them
The appeal of scary videos has grown over the years and with the new crop of films, such as Saw, The Strangers, Session 9, and Wes Craven's New Nightmare, the definition of horror has also evolved. These movies display more explicit gore, jump scenes, scares, and supernatural content than ever before.

But why do we love these scary videos? These movies allow us to confront our most primal fears, all in the comfort of our own home. Scary videos are terrifying, exciting, fascinating, and thrilling. The musical score adds tension, builds suspense, then releases it for a roller coaster ride our nerves love. Scary videos appeal to the basic human condition and to our attempts to overcome our fear. No matter why you love scary videos, one fact remains - we can't wait to watch the next one.

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Page : 1/103 Throughout this trailer section you will find various "trailers" from the entire horror genre. Horror movie trailers give us great insights into what a good horror movie should be and what to look out for. With that said, our mission is to bring you all the horror trailers you can watch. We are especially trying to bring you all the recent horror trailers for 2017 - 2018.

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Huge listing of horror movie trailers must see included on this page are Peelers (2016) - Trailer, Plaga Zombie: American Invasion - Trailer, Blind Sun (2015) - Trailer, Stray Bullets (2016) - Trailer, A Cure for Wellness (2016) - Trailer.