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  • The Fifth Element (1997) - Trailer

    Trailer: Le cinquieme element (1997)In the colorful future, a cab driver unwittingly becomes the central figure in the search for a legendary cosmic weapon to keep Evil and Mr Zorg at bay.

  • It Came from the Desert (2017) - Trailer

    Synopsis: IT CAME FROM THE DESERT (movies) is independent sequel to legendary video game by Cinemaware. Tagline: The film is set to modern time, 60-years after the original games happenings.

  • FOX's GHOSTED Season 1 - Trailer

    Trailer: Ghosted (0000) A skeptic is forced to work with a firm believer of the paranormal on unexplained occurrences in Los Angeles. Starring Craig Robinson ("The Office," "This Is the End") and Adam Scott ("Parks and Recreation," "Big Little Lies"), GHOSTED is a single-camera, action-comedy about the unlikely partnership between…

  • CBS' Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 - Trailer

    Trailer: "Star Trek: Discovery"(2017)Plot unknown. Described as a new Star Trek television series for CBS.

  • Okja (2017) - Trailer

    Trailer: Okja(2017) A young girl named Mija risks everything to prevent a powerful, multi-national company from kidnapping her best friend - a massive animal named Okja.

  • Ritual (2013) - Trailer

    Trailer: Ritual (2013) After receiving a distressed phone call, a man arrives at a seedy highway motel to find that his estranged wife has killed a stranger who is connected to a dangerous cult.

  • Bad Karma (2002) - Trailer

    Trailer: Bad Karma (2002) Mental Patient terrorizes her Psychiatrist who she believes is the reincarnation of Jack the Ripper.

  • Madhouse (1981) - Trailer

    Trailer: Madhouse (1981) Julia, a teacher in a school for the deaf, has a hideously deformed and deranged twin sister that resides in the local looney bin...

  • Last Girl Standing (2015) - Trailer

    Trailer: Last Girl Standing (2015) She survived a brutal massacre, but lost her life. What happens to the final girl after the credits roll?

  • Blood Feast (2016) - Trailer

    Trailer: Blood Feast (2016) Fuad Ramses and his family have moved from the United States to France, where they run an American diner...

  • Blood Mania (1970) - Trailer

    Trailer: Blood Mania (1970) A sex-crazed nympho helps speed along her father's death so she can use the inheritance to help out her depraved boyfriend.

  • Hospital Massacre (1981) - Trailer

    Trailer: Hospital Massacre (1981) While receiving a routine check-up, a beautiful woman is stalked by a maniac out to avenge a childhood Valentine's Day humiliation.

  • FOX's THE GIFTED Season 1 - Trailer

    Trailer: "The Gifted"(2017)In a world where mutated humans are treated with distrust and fear, an institute for mutants battles to achieve peaceful co-existence with humanity.

  • Rendel (2017) - Trailer

    Trailer: Rendel(2017)A Finnish superhero, a masked vigilante Rendel seeks for revenge and fights against VALA, the huge criminal organization.

  • Tale of a Vampire (1992) - Trailer

    Trailer: Tale of a Vampire (1992) Condemned to life without end, and to an undying passion for a lost love he can never find, a vampire stalks a beautiful young woman.

  • The Dead One (2007) - Trailer

    Trailer: The Dead One (2007) A young man is killed and resurrected by the Aztec God of Death as his slave.

  • Inhabited (2003) - Trailer

    Trailer: Inhabited (2003) A family discovers a race of ancient creatures are living under their home.

  • Night Junkies (2007) - Trailer

    Trailer: Night Junkies (2007) In London, Vincent Monroe is a young man addicted in blood that wanders through the red light district...

  • Metamorphosis (1990) - Trailer

    Trailer: Metamorphosis (1990) Dr. Peter Houseman is a brilliant geneticist who is working on a serum which will stop human aging, but his colleagues don't believe in his work...

  • Restoration (2016) - Trailer

    Trailer: Restoration (2016) During home renovations, a young couple release a fiery spirit seeking retribution. To save themselves and set the spirit free, they must uncover the dire truth. But nothing is as simple as it seems...

  • Dark Rising: Bring Your Battle Axe (2007) - Trailer

    Trailer: Dark Rising: Bring Your Battle Axe (2007) A broken heart, a battle axe, a demon and a lesbian ex-fiancée... Jason Parks' life goes from bad to...

  • Sanatorium (2013) - Trailer

    Trailer: Sanatorium (2013) In 1955, a insane patient left his room, walking to the children's ward. There he killed three children while they were asleep...

  • Fangs (2002) - Trailer

    Trailer: Fangs (2002) It's the attack of the killer, genetically-altered bats!

  • Curse of the Forty-Niner (2002) - Trailer

    Trailer: Curse of the Forty-Niner (2002) A group of friends discover gold deep inside an old mine. But by taking the gold and think they've hit it big, they awaken a long dead miner who's Hell Bent on protecting his treasure.

  • Thralls (2005) - Trailer

    Trailer: Thralls (2005) A young woman gets caught up in the plans of a coven of vampires fighting to free themselves from their master.

  • Star Crystal (1986) - Trailer

    Trailer: Star Crystal (1986) Crew members aboard a space ship encounter an alien life form intent on killing them.

  • Stripperland (2011) - Trailer

    Trailer: Stripperland (2011) A strange virus causes the majority of the female population to turn into lethal carnivorous zombie strippers...

  • Slayer (2006) - Trailer

    Trailer: Slayer (2006) An elite commando squad led by longtime soldier buddies Hawk and Grives run afoul of lethal and powerful vampires in a South American rain forest...

  • The Brotherhood 2: Young Warlocks (2001) - Trailer

    Trailer: The Brotherhood 2: Young Warlocks (2001) John, a new student at an exclusive private school, is having trouble with a group of bullying jocks...

  • Chamber of Horrors (1966) - Trailer

    Trailer: Chamber of Horrors (1966) A one-handed madman (he lost the hand while escaping a hanging) uses various detachable devices as murder weapons to gain revenge on those he believes have wronged him.

  • The Stink of Flesh (2005) - Trailer

    Trailer: The Stink of Flesh (2005) Wandering a zombie wasteland, matool survives by his wits and animal instinct, often employing his trusty...

  • Harold's Going Stiff (2011) - Trailer

    Trailer: Harold's Going Stiff (2011) Harold is suffering from a frightening new disease that is turning him into a zombie. After an experimental new treatment fails...

  • Stryker's War (1985) - Trailer

    Trailer: Stryker's War (1985) Jack Stryker took two bullets in the leg in Vietnam and was carried back by one of his men. When he...

  • Suicide Girls Must Die! (2010) - Trailer

    Trailer: Suicide Girls Must Die! (2010) When twelve nude models for the infamous SuicideGirls.com begin disappearing from a remote cabin, the calendar video they are shooting becomes the first reality horror movie.

  • Unholy (2007) - Trailer

    Trailer: Unholy (2007) A woman who lost her daughter to suicide investigates a theory that may have to do with the young girl's death.

  • Frankenstein Reborn (2005) - Trailer

    Trailer: Frankenstein Reborn (2005) Baron Frankenstein (cousin of the late scientist who created the famous monster) lives in seclusion...

  • Doll Graveyard (2005) - Trailer

    Trailer: Doll Graveyard (2005) It's 1911 when 12 year old Sophia plays all by herself in her big, creepy house with only four handmade dolls as friends...

  • Night of the Devils (1972) - Trailer

    Trailer: Night of the Devils (1972) The patriarch of a wealthy family fears that he will show up one day in vampire form. Should this happen, he warns his family not to let him back in his house, no matter how much he begs them.

  • Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes (2011) - Trailer

    Trailer: Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes (2011) Documentary covering the famous 'demonic possession' case of Anneliese Michel. The film features authentic...

  • Crush the Skull (2015) - Trailer

    Trailer: Crush the Skull (2015) A couple of master thieves find themselves trapped within a house they intended to rob, only to discover they've inadvertently wandered into the lair of a deranged serial killer.

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Horror Videos
Horror videos and movies have grown to become the longest-lasting movie genre in history. Horror videos are intended to elicit a feeling of dread, fear, or dismay. Expect the unexpected and count on an intense atmosphere that grows at a face pace. Horror videos often lull you into a sense of tranquility then suddenly create a menacing effect that jolts you out of your comfort zone. They can leave you with a vague ending, so you have the sense that the menace still remains, which is the perfect set up for a sequel. The two main subjects of horror videos are supernatural beings (vampires, phantoms, demons, etc.) or real situations and figures (serial killers, medical tragedies, etc.).

Scary Videos and Why We Love Them
The appeal of scary videos has grown over the years and with the new crop of films, such as Saw, The Strangers, Session 9, and Wes Craven's New Nightmare, the definition of horror has also evolved. These movies display more explicit gore, jump scenes, scares, and supernatural content than ever before.

But why do we love these scary videos? These movies allow us to confront our most primal fears, all in the comfort of our own home. Scary videos are terrifying, exciting, fascinating, and thrilling. The musical score adds tension, builds suspense, then releases it for a roller coaster ride our nerves love. Scary videos appeal to the basic human condition and to our attempts to overcome our fear. No matter why you love scary videos, one fact remains - we can't wait to watch the next one.

More About Horror Trailers & Videos

Page : 1/92 Throughout this trailer section you will find various "trailers" from the entire horror genre. Horror movie trailers give us great insights into what a good horror movie should be and what to look out for. With that said, our mission is to bring you all the horror trailers you can watch. We are especially trying to bring you all the recent horror trailers for 2017 - 2018.

We have film trailers for paranormal movies featuring ghosts, poltergeists and any other spooky scary variation. We have found footage movies; slasher and all the popular must see movies. Of course you can find monster/creature features along with the classic vampire, werewolf & zombie movies plus more.

Huge listing of horror movie trailers must see included on this page are The Fifth Element (1997) - Trailer, It Came from the Desert (2017) - Trailer, FOX's GHOSTED Season 1 - Trailer, CBS' Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 - Trailer, Okja (2017) - Trailer.