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  • Mortal Kombat X - Kombat Pack 2 DLC Gameplay Trailer

    The new DLC for Mortal Kombat X, Mortal Kombat X - Kombat Pack 2, is set to release sometime this 2016 year. This gameplay trailer looks terrific, and the combos flow smoothly. Horror icons included in this pack include Leatherface and the Xenomorph creature from Alien along with Tri-borg and Bo' Rai Cho. Leatherface looks like a great contender for Jason. New Skins in the pack include: - Goro - The feral, four-armed Shokan warrior…

  • The Witch (2015) - Paranoia Trailer

    The Witch (2015) - Paranoia Trailer

    Here is a new trailer for Robert Eggers' The Witch (2015) titled Paranoia. The Witch releases February 19, 2016, via A24. I liked this trailer as it shows more of what is in store for us watching The Witch. It looks thrilling with teases of some unspeakable evil lying in wait of this small family, but not directly terrorizing the family. I think that the ending of the film will reveal something along these lines.…

  • You're So Cool Brewster! The Story of Fright Night (2016) - Extended Trailer

    You're So Cool Brewster! The Story of Fright Night (2016) - Extended Trailer

    Chris Griffiths' You're So Cool Brewster! The Story of Fright Night (2016) is a documentary about Fright Night (1985) via Dead Mouse Productions. This video features an extended trailer for the documentary project. Attached to the film include Chris Sarandon, Jon Gries, and Brian Thompson. Synopsis: From Dead Mouse Productions and the Producer of 'Leviathan: The Story of Hellraiser & Hellbound: Hellraiser II', comes the new 'Fright Night' documentary. Fully supported and produced by original…

  • Dying Light: The Following - A Prophecy Incarnated Story Trailer

    Dying Light: The Following - A Prophecy Incarnated Story Trailer

    This video is a new story trailer for Dying Light: The Following titled A Prophecy Incarnated. I cannot wait to jump back into the world of Dying Light especially since this is a massive DLC that changes everything thus making the game seem fresh again. The Dying Light: The Following releases this upcoming February 2016 for the Playstation 4 (PS4), Xbox One, and PC. Do you believe in prophecies? Are some of us meant for…

  • High-Rise (2015) - Teaser Trailer 2

    High-Rise (2015) - Teaser Trailer 2

    Here is the second teaser trailer for Ben Wheatley's High-Rise (2015) which I like a lot more than the previous teaser trailer. This teaser trailer is over a minute long of clips and teases. High-Rise releases in the UK theaters on March 18, 2016. Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons, James Purefoy, Luke Evans, and Sienna Miller star in High-Rise. Synopsis: 1975. Two miles west of London, Dr. Robert Laing moves into his new apartment seeking soulless…

  • The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist (2016) - Teaser Trailer

    The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist (2016) - Teaser Trailer

    James Wan's The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist (2016) dropped a teaser trailer and here it is. The sequel to The Conjuring (2013) is a film I am itching to see. This teaser starts with the first 30 seconds featuring a recap from The Conjuring then we get about a minute of footage. The film looks great, and I cannot wait to see the full trailer. The Conjuring 2 releases in movie theaters this upcoming…

  • All Hallows' Eve 2 (2015) - Trailer

    All Hallows' Eve 2 (2015) - Trailer

    RLJ Entertainment's All Hallows' Eve 2 (2015) releases on DVD and Digital Video this upcoming February 2, 2016. This new Halloween horror anthology features the works of eleven directors with a cast including Landon Ackerman, April Adamson, and Ali Adatia. Full details in the press release below. From the Press Release: RLJ Entertainment brings you the new sequel to the Halloween-themed horror movie ALL HALLOWS' EVE 2. Directed by Bryan Norton (Seven Hells), Antonio Padovan…

  • Attack on Titan - Gameplay Video

    Attack on Titan - Gameplay Video

    Attack on Titan is releasing on the Playstation 3 (PS3), Playstation 4 (PS4), and PS Vita this upcoming February 2016. This Attack on Titan game is a Japan release only. Koei Tecmo released the video and yes, the gameplay does stay true to the manga and anime. The gameplay looks awesome albeit intense.

  • Cherry Tree (2015) - Trailer

    Cherry Tree (2015) - Trailer

    David Keating's Cherry Tree (2015) looks fantastic from this trailer. There looks like there will be loads of scares and thrills. A girl makes a deal with evil and learns the hard way that the price is far greater than she could have imagined. Naomi Battrick, Patrick Gibson, and Sam Hazeldine star in Cherry Tree. Synopsis: Faith's world is turned upside down after she finds out that her beloved father is dying. When the mysteriously…

  • Good Tidings (2016) - Trailer

    Good Tidings (2016) - Trailer

    Stuart W. Bedford's Good Tidings (2016) is a Christmas slasher film releasing next Christmas 2016, but thankfully we have a new movie trailer for your viewing pleasure. This video is extremely violent so be warned. Giovanni Gentile, Stu Jopia, Jonny Hirst, Alan Mulhall, Garry McMahon, Colin Murtagh, and Liam W. Ashcroft star in Good Tidings. Leave your comments below with your thoughts on this upcoming film and whether this is something you are interested in…

  • Lilin's Brood (2016) - Trailer

    Lilin's Brood (2016) - Trailer

    Co-directors P.W. Simon and Artii Smith bring us a new thriller movie titled Lilin's Brood (2016). This film looks very interesting from what I saw in this trailer. Martin Sensmeier, Maxine Goynes, and Melinda Milton star in Lilin's Brood. Press Release: The film will be released 12 FEB 2016 (Valentines Weekend) on Amazon and Itunes. Directed by Mansa Mojo Brothas, the film stars Martin Sensemeier (the upcoming MAGNIFICENT SEVEN), Maxine Goynes, Brent King, Melinda Milton,…

  • The Abandoned (2015) / The Confines (2015) - Trailer

    The Abandoned (2015) / The Confines (2015) - Trailer

    Eytan Rockaway's The Abandoned (2015), The Confines (2015), has a new trailer released by IFC Films (IFC Midnight), and it gets the point across that this film is going to be scary and creepy. The trailer looks great and interesting, promising loads of scary situations. The Abandoned opens in movie theaters and on VOD this upcoming January 8, 2016. Jason Patric, Louisa Krause, and Mark Margolis star in The Abandoned.

  • Showtime's Twin Peaks Season 1 - Now in Production Video

    Showtime's Twin Peaks Season 1 - Now in Production Video

    Showtime's Twin Peaks Season 1 teaser trailer has finally dropped. Not much here but it is a nice little tease for those of you who are huge fans on the original TV series. David Lynch and Mark Frost return to write, and executive produce with David Lynch set to direct the entire first season. Kyle MacLachlan will return as FBI Agent Dale Cooper alongside Amanda Seyfried and Dana Ashbrook. The critically-acclaimed, ground breaking television phenomenon…

  • Dying Light: The Following - What Mysteries Await? Story Teaser Trailer

    Dying Light: The Following - What Mysteries Await? Story Teaser Trailer

    WB Games and Techland released their "What Mysteries Await?" story teaser trailer for Dying Light: The Following zombie game. If you were not already satisfied with the gameplay trailers, then this story trailer has to pull you into the deep story. Dying Light: The Following releases on February 9, 2016, for the Playstation 4 (PS4), Xbox One, and PC.

  • Stan's Wolf Creek Season 1 - Teaser Trailer

    Stan's Wolf Creek Season 1 - Teaser Trailer

    Austrailian streaming service Stan just released their first teaser trailer for Wolf Creek Season 1. Wolf Creek will stream in mid-2016 as a TV miniseries. This video is a short 20-seconds but promises good visceral carnage. Cameron Caulfield, John Jarratt, and Stinga-T star in Wolf Creek Season 1. From the Press Release: Streaming service Stan today announced the commission of its next Stan Original series: Wolf Creek, which goes into production today. Ten years since…

  • Intruders (2015) / Shut In (2015) - Trailer

    Intruders (2015) / Shut In (2015) - Trailer

    Adam Schindler's Intruder's (2015), aka Shut In (2015), is releasing in movie theaters on February 19, 2016. This trailer teases that there is a lot more to the sweet shut-in girl then meets the eye when she turns the tables on would-be robbers in her house. I am absolutely thrilled to see this film. Great trailer filled with action, suspense, and anticipation. Intruders stars Rory Culkin, Leticia Jimenez, Joshua Mikel, and Beth Riesgraf.

  • High-Rise (2015) - Teaser Trailer

    High-Rise (2015) - Teaser Trailer

    Ben Wheatley's High-Rise (2015) movie trailer features Tom Hiddleston narrating, very well, enticing viewers to join him at the High-Rise. This film is Ben Wheatley's film adaptation of J.G. Ballard's thought-provoking 1975 novel, High-Rise. Magnet Releasing secured the US rights with a theatrical release date sometime in 2016 pending. Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons, and Sienna Miller star in High-Rise. From the previous press release: The film, starring Tom Hiddleston (THE AVENGERS, CRIMSON PEAK), Jeremy Irons…

  • Synchronicity (2016) - Trailer

    Synchronicity (2016) - Trailer

    Jacob Gentry is best known for directing The Signal. He has recently unleashed the trailer for his new sci-fi film titled Synchronicity (2016). This film is being called a "mind-bending sci-fi noir" with the film centering on time travel. Synchronicity releases in movie theaters, iTunes, and On Demand on January 22, 2016. This movie trailer teases a great sci-fi film like Blade Runner (1982) and Dark City (1998). Synchronicity stars Chad McKnight, Brianne Davis, AJ…

  • XCOM 2 "Retaliation" Trailer

    XCOM 2 "Retaliation" Trailer

    2K and Firaxis Games dropped their "Retaliation" trailer, and it is glorious. I loved the previous game even though I did not have time to finish it. Shame that the last game did not do so well with console sales thus making the company not release the game on consoles in this installment. XCOM 2 releases on February 5, 2016, for the PC, Mac, and Linux.

  • Martyrs (2016) - Trailer

    Martyrs (2016) - Trailer

    Martyrs (2015) is the remake of Pascal Laugier's Martyrs (2008) and is co-directed by Kevin Goetz and Michael Goetz. This trailer looks good, and the movie has a lot of expectations to meet. Martyrs releases in select movie theaters and on Digital HD this January 22, 2016. The VOD, DVD, and Blu-ray release date os set for February 2, 2016. Troian Bellisario, Caitlin Carmichael, and Kate Burton star in Martyrs. Synopsis: Ten-year-old Lucie flees from…

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