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  • The Asphyx (1972) - Trailer

    Trailer: The Asphyx (1972) English country squire Sir Hugo Cunningham searches for immortality by literally 'bottling up' the Spirit of the Dead, or Asphyx.

  • When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (1970) - Trailer

    Trailer: When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (1970) Set in the ancient past when humans and dinosaurs lived together, a small tribe is struggling to survive...

  • Paradox (2016) - Trailer

    Trailer: Paradox (2016) A group of young scientists are working on a secret project that may allow them to travel ahead in time...

  • The Thing with Two Heads (1972) - Trailer

    Trailer: The Thing with Two Heads (1972) Doctors are forced to transplant the head of a dying, racist surgeon onto the body of a black death row inmate.

  • House of Dark Shadows (1970) - Trailer

    Trailer: House of Dark Shadows (1970) Vampire Barnabas Collins is accidentally released from his centuries-long confinement at his family's estate in Maine. He targets his clueless descendants who live there now and pursues Maggie, the incarnation of his lost love.

  • The Corridor (2010) - Trailer

    Trailer: The Corridor (2010) Friends on a weekend excursion take a path into a forest that leads to death and destruction.

  • The Incredible Melting Man (1977) - Trailer

    Trailer: The Incredible Melting Man (1977) An astronaut is transformed into a murderous gelatinous mass after returning from an ill-fated space voyage.

  • Kingdom of the Spiders (1977) - Trailer

    Trailer: Kingdom of the Spiders (1977) Investigating the mysterious deaths of a number of farm animals, vet Rack Hansen discovers that his...

  • Empire of the Ants (1977) - Trailer

    Trailer: Empire of the Ants (1977) A con artist tries to sell bogus real estate deals in an area overrun by giant ants.

  • The Medusa Touch (1978) - Trailer

    Trailer: The Medusa Touch (1978) Psychological thriller about a novelist, a telekinetic, who causes disasters simply by thinking about them.

  • The Island of Dr. Moreau (1977) - Trailer

    Trailer: The Island of Dr. Moreau (1977) A shipwrecked survivor discovers a remote island owned a crazed scientist who is carrying out sinister experiments on the island's inhabitants.

  • The Day of the Triffids (1963) - Trailer

    Trailer: The Day of the Triffids (1963) After an unusual meteor shower leaves most of the human population blind, a merchant navy officer must find a way to conquer tall, aggressive plants which are feeding on people and animals.

  • Horror Express (1972) - Trailer

    Trailer: Horror Express (1972) In 1906, in China, a British anthropologist discovers a frozen prehistoric creature and must transport it to Europe by train.

  • The Crazies (1973) - Trailer

    Trailer: The Crazies (1973) The military attempts to contain a manmade combat virus that causes death and permanent insanity in those infected, as it overtakes a small Pennsylvania town.

  • The Fury (1978) - Trailer

    Trailer: The Fury (1978) A government agent is determined to come to his son's rescue when a sinister official kidnaps him to harbor his extremely powerful psychic abilities.

  • The Stepford Wives (1975) - Trailer

    Trailer: The Stepford Wives (1975) Joanna Eberhart has come to the quaint little town of Stepford, Connecticut with her family, but soon discovers there lies a sinister truth in the all too perfect behavior of the female residents.

  • The Brood (1979) - Trailer

    Trailer: The Brood (1979) A man tries to uncover an unconventional psychologist's therapy techniques on his institutionalized wife, amidst a series of brutal murders.

  • The Omega Man (1971) - Trailer

    Trailer: The Omega Man (1971) Army doctor Robert Neville struggles to create a cure for the plague that wiped out most of the human race.

  • Eraserhead (1977) - Trailer

    Trailer: Eraserhead (1977)Henry Spencer tries to survive his industrial environment, his angry girlfriend, and the unbearable screams of his newly born mutant child.

  • Into the Forest (2015) - Trailer

    Trailer: Into the Forest (2015)After a massive power outage, two sisters learn to survive on their own in their isolated woodland home.

  • Doghouse (2009) - Trailer

    Trailer: Doghouse (2009)A group of men, heading to a remote village to help one of their friends get over his divorce, soon discover that all the women have been infected with a virus that makes them man-hating cannibals.

  • Fahrenheit 451 (1966) - Trailer

    Trailer: Fahrenheit 451 (1966) In an oppressive future, a fireman whose duty is to destroy all books begins to question his task.

  • Death Pool (2016) - Trailer

    Trailer: Death Pool (2016)Johnny Taylor has a big problem: he LOVES to drown good-looking girls. When he sees water and attractive females together...

  • Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter (2016) - Trailer

    Trailer: Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter (2016)ROGUE WARRIOR: ROBOT FIGHTER is a Science Fiction film set in the distant future depicting the overthrow of humanity by artificial intelligence on Earth and other worlds.

  • The Drifter (2014) - Trailer

    Trailer: The Drifter (2014)The Drifter tells the story of a uniquely troubled man, Chris Thatcher, who finds himself on a downward...

  • The Answer (2015) - Trailer

    Trailer: The Answer (2015)After being attacked, an introverted young man must follow clues left by his dead parents in order to figure out who is after him - and who he really is.

  • Midnighters (2017) - Trailer

    Trailer: Midnighters (2017)Midnight, New Year's Eve: when all the hopes of new beginnings come to life - except for Lindsey and Jeff Pittman...

  • Replace (2017) - Trailer

    Trailer: Replace (2017)Kira's skin starts to age rapidly, dry out and crumble away. But then she discovers that she can replace her own skin with somebody else's.

  • Capps Crossing (2017) - Trailer

    Trailer: Capps Crossing (2017)David has lost his girlfriend and his mind. Capps Crossing is his only refuge. When six hikers make the mistake of choosing Capps Crossing to spend the weekend, David will stop at nothing to make sure they never come back.

  • Call of Cthulhu - E3 2017 Trailer

    Here is the E3 2017 game trailer for Call of Cthulhu. My impressions are that it felt like BioShock with enough of its unique design mixed in with H.P. Lovecraftian mythos to make it on my wishlist. There is no release date for this H.P. Lovecraft inspired game, but it…

  • State of Decay 2 - E3 2017 Trailer

    In this State of Decay 2 E3 2017 game trailer, we see visually enhanced gameplay keeping what worked in the first game State of Decay. I bet there are many improvements made under the hood and they added additional multi-player features that players were requesting. The release date is an…

  • Metro: Exodus - E3 2017 Trailer

    Metro: Exodus delivered the goods by further enhancing and improving on the gameplay and visuals from Metro: Last Light. I sat back and watched this video as if I were watching a movie, even with the jump scares. I cannot wait to play this game that has an open release…

  • Law of Perdition Season 1 - Trailer

    This trailer for Law of Perdition Season 1 immediately starts creepy and moody. I was not expecting this trailer to be half as good. The first half of this trailer really got me excited while the second half did not continue that feeling for me.

  • Tsunambee (2015) - Trailer

    Trailer: Tsunambee: The Wrath Cometh (2015)After atmospheric catastrophes send Los Angeles into chaos, three groups of survivors who escaped the...

  • Killing Ground (2016) - Trailer

    Trailer: Killing Ground (2016)A couples camping trip turns into a frightening ordeal when they stumble across the scene of a horrific crime.

  • Flatliners (2017) - Trailer

    Trailer: Flatliners (2017)Medical students experiment on "near death" experiences that involve past tragedies until the dark consequences begin to jeopardize their lives.

  • The Inpatient - E3 2017 Trailer

    Here is the Until Dawn prequel The Inpatient game trailer revealed at E3 2017 for the PlayStation VR. The graphics look great can not wait to see more of the story. The Inpatient is a horror game with psychological elements. It places you in the role of a patient with…

  • The Evil Within 2 - E3 2017 Gameplay

    Here is the E3 2017 gameplay video for The Evil Within 2 from Bethesda. If you are like me, you want to see the actual gameplay, and this video does not disappoint. A lot of the game mechanics carry through to this sequel, and the intensity and visuals are impressive.…

  • Happy Death Day (2017) - Trailer

    Trailer: Happy Death Day (2017)Tree must relive the same day over and over again until she figures out who is trying to kill her and why.

  • The Passing (2015) - Trailer

    Trailer: The Passing (2015)When two young lovers crash their car into a ravine in the remote mountains of Wales, they are plunged into a lost world...

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