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  • Judas Ghost (2013) - Trailer / Poster

    Judas Ghost (2013) - Trailer / Poster

    Simon Pearce's Judas Ghost (2013) DVD releases this upcoming December 1, 2015, via Uncork'd Entertainment. The poster warns you to "be careful what you hunt for." The trailer looks like the film will be worth watching with some flash scares, but some of the camera angles make some of the scenes in the trailer look cheesy. Martin Delaney, Lucy Cudden, and Simon Merrells star in Judas Ghost.

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  • Blood Punch (2013) - Trailer / Poster / Release Date

    Blood Punch (2013) - Trailer / Poster / Release Date

    Madellaine Paxson's Blood Punch (2013) has been working the festival circuit and raking in awards. The Blood Punch DVD release date is set for this upcoming September 1, 2015. The DVD will feature deleted scenes, outtakes and test footage. Milo Cawthorne, Olivia Tennet, and Ari Boyland star in Blood Punch. What do you think of the movie trailer? From the Press Release: Bluff Road Productions and Midnight Releasing are excited to announce the DVD and VOD…

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  • April Apocalypse (2013) - Trailer

    April Apocalypse (2013) - Trailer

    Jarret Tarnol's April Apocalypse (2013) is a zombie horror comedy romance movie that turns the tables on what has already been done. Artie is your average guy trying to save his dream girl April from zombies during the zombie apocalypse. Problem is, he has been bitten by a zombie but still vows to save her until his last breath. Not a zombie film to wow you but perhaps good enough to enjoy. Cast in April Apocalypse…

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  • The Green Inferno (2013) - Father Knows Best - Father's Day Trailer

    The Green Inferno (2013) - Father Knows Best - Father's Day Trailer

    Eli Roth's The Green Inferno (2013) is finally getting its US release on September 25, 2015 and today we have a Father's Day special video for the new film, new to us anyways. The video plays around the fact that the main character is talking to her father about saving the rain forest and in between we see glimpses of the despair in her near future. Cast in The Green Inferno are Lorenza Izzo, Ariel Levy…

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  • Avalanche Sharks (2013) - Trailer / Poster

    Avalanche Sharks (2013) - Trailer / Poster

    Scott Wheeler's Avalanche Sharks (2013) releases on Digital HD and On Demand this upcoming June 30, 2015. Watch this trailer and poster to refresh yourself. Cast in Avalanche Sharks are Alexander Mendeluk (Twilight), Kate Nauta (Paranormal Abduction), Benjamin Easterday (Poseidon Rex), Eric Scott Woods (Sand Sharks) and Kelle Cantwell (Dead Girl). From the Press Release: Prehistoric snow shark spirits are unleashed on a group of spring breakers when Avalanche Sharks chomps its way onto Digital HD and…

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  • Deadly Revisions (2013) - Trailer / Poster / Blu-ray / DVD Release Date

    Deadly Revisions (2013) - Trailer / Poster / Blu-ray / DVD Release Date

    SGL Entertainment bought the rights to Gregory Blair’s Deadly Revisions (2013) and will be releasing the film on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD on September 29, 2015. The film has been stuck in limbo for some time now and it is good to see that it will be finally released. Starring in Deadly Revisions are Bill Oberst Jr., Mikhail Blokh, Cindy Merrill, Lise Hart and Dawna Lee Heising.

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  • The Poltergeist of Borley Forest (2013) - Trailer / Poster

    The Poltergeist of Borley Forest (2013) - Trailer / Poster

    Stephen McKendree's The Poltergeist of Borley Forest (2013), aka You Will Love Me (2013), will be getting it's DVD and Digital Video release on June 2, 2015. Here we have the DVD cover and trailer. The trailer does look better than okay so check it out for yourself and do not forget to comment below. Starring in this horror film are Marina Petrano, Christopher Ingle and Rhea Rossiter. The Poltergeist of Borley Forest: Press Release LOS ANGELES,…

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