WerewolvesWerewolves have been traced back to the origins of mankind and have been historically found in caves dated back to prehistoric man. Are they evil creatures as in the modern folklore or simply shapeshifters?.

Werewolves are only second to vampires in terms of popularity, they even play important roles in the Twilight Saga. Like vampires, belief in humans that turn into wild predators (and in some cases, nocturnal) animals exists in all major world cultures. Many psychologists attribute this to the natural animal instinct that resides in the psyche of all men, an instinct that existed since the dawn of mankind.

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Werewolf SightingBecome a Werewolf - All werewolf explanations covered from the seventh son in the line of sons and sometimes daughters. Werewolf infection is also covered in which the werewolf curse is considered as nothing but a virus/contagion spread to the surviving victim. Some believe that to become a werewol that one must recite the proper magical incantations, black magic and witchcraft. The magic salve is also referenced in which the person would drink a mixture of herbs, blood and other plant life and would transform into something with a strong LSD effect. Some believed that the Devil hinself would have to be summoned in order to transfer into a werewolf under the full moon. Native American myth talks about the person getting in touch with their animal spirit, mostly a wolf spirit.

Shapeshifting Lycanthrope or Mental Disorder - Is lycanthropy simply a disorder of the brain in which the victim has become a slave to their inner bes*****ty?

Famous werewolves in history - Werewolf cases and legends are found often in history. Werewolf Bisclavret is just one werewolf story in which has been passed down through the generations. Other werewolf cases may be found in which the tales come from all around the world. We have accounts of the shapeshifter African Were-Crocodile, Jean Grenier, Gilles Garnier, Shapeshifting Leopard-Men, The Beast of Le Gevaduan, The Lycanthrope Gandillion Family, The Greifswald Werewolves, The Life and Death of Werewolf Peter Stubbe and The Werewolf of Ansbach.