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2014 | Horror, Thriller
80 minutes /

User Score: 39/100

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Judy Review


A team of street performers dragging around a spike crate is terrorising a young woman in her house giving her a private show to the bloody end.

Judy (2014) is an Italian English thriller horror movie that is 80 minutes long. Director and writer Emanuele De Santi (Adam Chaplin (2011)) did a fabulous job directing his second movie. He did not have much experience in the movie industry and was able to pull off an incredible job with Judy.The movie has very gory with graphic images that will make you quiver if you have a weak stomach. There is blood everywhere and of course violence to go along with it. The movie shows the story of an average lady that encounters the wrong person. This movie will capture your attention from the very beginning although it might appear to be slow-paced at times. The suspense and tension are what captivated me because every time I thought I could figure out what is going to happen - I was wrong.

Mary (Orietta Babusci) got into an argument on the phone with her mother while driving home from work. She decided to pull over to talk to her mom, but the phone lost signal and dropped the call. Ursula (Marlagrazia Giorgi) who looks like a clown approaches Mary’s car and asked her for money. Mary told her no but Ursula kept on asking and then Mary did the unthinkable which changed her life - she pulled out a gun to show Ursula and drove away. Mary soon starts seeing and hearing strange things around her house that she has never encountered before. Her clothesline outside fell down, she receives phone calls with no one answering from strange phones numbers, she hears noises in her house and her windows open by themselves when they were previously closed. The most bizarre event is when Mary’s dog, Judy disappeared, and Mary went out looking for Judy to find someone walking on her roof.

Ursula is a member of The Crows that are street performers that drag around a crate that is covered in spikes. Pierrot is part of The Crow that met her death when she opened the spike crate. It is forbidden for anyone to open the spike crate, but Pierrot could not help it. Pierrot gasped upon seeing what was in the crate and was brutally assaulted with blood splatter everywhere. If Ursula summoned for Pierrot to be killed then what games is she playing with Mary and her dog Judy - How will it end for Mary and Judy? What will Ursula and her people do to Judy and Mary?

Judy gave me the spooks although it was not intended to be a frightening horror movie. I was in aww when I saw the strange hole that was drilled in her floor. This movie has a lot of suspense, and as Mary thinks she is getting closer to discovering the answers to all of the bizarre happenings - she goes one step backward. The actors are inexperienced, but you cannot tell from the fabulous job they did in this movie. The sets, sound effects and lighting effects were all good. I would recommend everyone to see this movie.

About Judy 2014

Title: Judy
Year: 2014
Runtime: 80 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Score: 3.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 1.9/5 stars from 18 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 18
Starring: Jade Matthew, Carol Bolt, Ashleigh Whitfield, Orietta Babusci
Writers: Emanuele De Santi
Director: Emanuele De Santi