Gingerclown (2013) Movie Review

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2013 | R | Horror, Comedy
83 minutes /

User Score: 48/100

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Gingerclown Review


To impress the girl of his dreams, Sam enters an old amusement park, where torturous monsters roam the grounds.

Gingerclown (2013) is a Hungarian horror comedy that was shot at the Budapest Amusement Park during the night, except one scene that was filmed in the morning. Puppeteers on set were behind the scenes/performances of the monsters, and the voices were done by Tim Curry and Sean Young. First-time full-length director, producer, editor and writer Balazs Hatvani (scR.I.Pt (2006), Two Minutes to Midnight (2016), Thelomeris: City of Darkness) failed at executing his first full-length movie.

Gingerclown revolves around a few high school students in 1983 doing something that they should not have done and soon wished they had stayed clear of the park. Sam (Ashley Lloyd - I Could Never Be Your Woman (2007), The Real ‘Billy Elliot’ Diaries (2005), Dance Factory (2005)) is a nerdy student that is often bullied by Biff. Biff (Michael Cannell-Griffiths) dared him to prove his courage by sneaking into an old abandoned amusement park. Sam accepted because he wants to win the affection of Biff’s friend Jenny who he has a crush on. Jenny (Erin Hayes) is not happy with Biff’s bullying Sam and follows Sam into the park. Jenny eventually catches up with Sam and feels that something is not right/strange and told him that they should leave the park. The attractions in the park began to light up mysteriously as a creature known as Gingerclown awakens. Gingerclown (Tim Curry - The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975), The Wild Thornberrys (1998), Charlie’s Angels (2000), The Hunt for Red October (1990)) tries to kill Jenny and Sam as they try to escape. The duo stumbles into other scary creatures as Biff tries to find them.

The negatives about his movie are horrible crappy boring dialogue/lines, loads of cursing/crude comments, terrible characters that appear to be created by a teenager, bad acting, plot holes, and major goofs that cannot be missed. I gave this movie a two because the director is new and he tried to make a movie although it was a cliche in most ways that went terribly wrong. I would recommend viewers to stay away from this film as there was minimal humor and was a dreadful, boring watch.

About Gingerclown 2013

Title: Gingerclown
Year: 2013
Runtime: 83 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror, Comedy
Score: 1 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 2.4/5 stars from 25 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 25
MPAA Rating: R
Starring: Brad Dourif, Lance Henriksen, Tim Curry, Sean Young, Michael Winslow, Bernadett Fodor, Soraya Hegyesi, Anna Mucsi, Ashley Lloyd, Erin Hayes, Michael Cannell-Griffiths, András Koloszár, Joshua Brownwood, Nelson Matthews, Andrew Montesi, Dorottya Bokros, Dorottya Dióssi
Writers: Balázs Hatvani
Director: Balázs Hatvani