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Monsterland (2016)

2016 | R | Horror, Thriller, Fantasy
108 minutes / 1h 48min

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Monsterland Plot Synopsis:

Welcome to Monsterland! A terrifying place where savage beasts, carnivorous creatures, and grotesque abominations are the new normal; and the human race is now at the bottom of the food chain.

Monsterland (2016) Review

Monsterland (2016) is a 1h 48-min American fantasy thriller-horror anthology movie that contains several segments that are loosely connected and features a different monster in each segment. The wraparound story that connects all of the segments is a man (Josh LaCasse - The Beautiful Lie (2006), Ostrander (2011), Konstruksiyon (2008)) running in fear to save his life. The man who does not have a name runs into a movie theater filled with dead people and sits down with a bucket of popcorn to enjoy a movie.

Don’t Go Into The Lake

Written by Tyler Wood and Haley Norman
Directed by Corey Norman

Don’t Go Into The Lake is the perfect title for this segment as a group of drunk twenty-something-year-olds decide to go skinny dipping in a dark lake in the late hours of the night. The water was still so who would have thought that there is a hungry monster waiting in the lake. We were not treated to seeing a monster, just lots of blood and breasts in the water. I would not recommend this segment because what is a monster anthology/segment without a monster to see. It was a very short feature with not much of a story, cheesy performances, and no substance.

The Grey Matter

Written by Peter McCoubrey
Directed by Luke McCoubrey & Peter McCoubrey

I feel sympathy for Simon who wakes up covered in blood in a dirty alleyway and has no medical coverage to have his head taken care of. He wraps his head which has a massive wound on the back of his head as best as he can and tries to go on living his life as he normally did. He started to hear a voice in his head which is coming from a talking worm. The voice helps him to win a date with Emily (Lucy Walters) who works in the office. The Grey Matter is an interesting feature that is not frightening, has convincing acting, humor, and excellent cinematography. I was disappointed that all my questions were not answered, but I do recommend this segment as well.

Curiosity Kills

Written by Kaspar Ainelo, Jan Andresson, and Sander Maran
Directed by Sander Maran

Curiosity Kills has no dialogue and is about a little boy who took chemicals from his father’s briefcase and feeds it to his pet rat which transformed his rat into a radioactive killer rat. His father works in a nuclear facility. The rat was a blood-thirsty rat that glows green. The segment was predictable and left little to be desired as it was not funny with garish colors that were not pleasing to the eyes after a while. All of the actors overacted including the rat who announces that he is Ratatus. Curiosity Kills would be a nice segment to miss.


Written and directed by Eric Gardner

Scott’s (Drew Wicks - Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014), Snakes on a Plane (2006), Kisses and Caroms (2006), My Life Is a Movie (2002)) & Marie (Megan Duffy) wife Marie tends to sleepwalk. Marie (Megan Duffy - Maniac (2012), Holidays (2016), Camp Takota (2014)) wakes up Scott from his sound sleep when she sleepwalks resulting in Scott to have a severe case of sleep paralysis. Scott does not know that Marie is keeping a deadly secret from him that might cause him his life.

Hag was a well-shot feature that was creepy, smart, had great performances, good premises, an unnerving appearance, great make-up, fun/creepy atmosphere and sitting on the edge of your seat moments with chills running through your spine.

Monster Man

Written, directed and animated by Frank Sudol

Monster Man is about a man who loses his friend to a monster and an old man who tells the friend that he knows how to kill the monster. This segment is the worst feature in this horror anthology where the animation is horrible, and the humor is awful. Monster Man is about 3 minutes long, but there was not even five seconds of it that was good or worth watching.

House Call

Written by Dick Grunert
Directed by Graham Denman

A dentist was visited by a crazed out man in the middle of the night with a gun telling the dentist that he has to pull his teeth out because he’s turning into a vampire. The crazed out man took the dentist at gunpoint as his hostage. Ruben Pla and Sean Keller gave us brilliant performances and their characters was deep. I applaud the director for giving us some impressive camera tricks, grotesque gore, and scenes that will make us afraid of the dentist for a while, well at least me.

That is all I am saying for this segment because it is something that you should see.

Happy Memories

Written and directed by Jack Fields

Happy Memories contains puppetry and stop motion animation. I am not sure how to sum this one up, but it is about a cupcake that was born from a monster, and the cupcake has grown up issues. We later see a few guys hunting a giant monster. It was a little funny, extremely bloody, had not such a good animation, does not have much of a story and I do not recommend it.

Stay At Home Dad

Written by Cody Goodfellow
Directed by John Skipp and Andrew Kasch

Young married couple Steven and his wife have a newborn baby girl, but his wife was offered a job that can support their family and Steven can be a stay at home dad. Steven’s wife wants their daughter to be breastfed, and Steven has a solution to that. He found out about an experiment treatment that will allow him to produce milk by making his breast into large female breasts which will produce breast milk. His wife was uncertain at first, but Steven did the procedure and got tired soon after from feeding their daughter every few hours.

This segment has a major twist that I did not see coming as Steven does not know that his wife is not the person he thought she was and their daughter is not either. Stay at Home Dad quickly became interesting from this point. Some of the scenes were repulsive, hysterical, mind boggling and absurd but it was overall a fantastic feature that I recommend you to see as there were great special effects and good performances.


Written by Kate Fitzpatrick and Patrick Longstreth
Directed by Robert Mclean and Patrick Longstreth

A nuclear bomb that has been missing for an extremely long time has started to leak radioactive substance off the coast of Tybee Island in Georgia resulting in the jellyfish population transforming into gigantic hungry jellyfishes. It did not take long for the mutated hungry jellyfishes to begin consuming beachgoers while a Russian spy that was trying to get the bomb retaliated with a humongous rocket launcher.

Hellyfish was a funny/silly segment to watch with okay CGI that is a lot of fun to watch, cheesy monster effects. All of the Jellyfishes were extremely vicious, but some jellyfish was small like the jellyfishes we are accustomed too, and then there are huge ones like the size of a building. Hellyfish was a rousing entertainment, and I would recommend you not to miss this segment.

Monsterland ends abruptly with our survivor realizing that he is not alone. Monsterland was an average horror anthology where there was some original stories and some horrible stories, but it will surely entertain you more than making you bored. I would not rush to see Monsterland as it is not that spectacular but do see it if it pops up on TV one day. There were two segments that I would not mind seeing again. Monsterland is a hit or miss but will be best enjoyed if you view it will being distracted with other things, a mindless watch.

  • Monsterland Rating Scores
  • Our Score: 5
  • Overall Score: 5.26
  • IMDB: 5.4

About Monsterland 2016

Title: Monsterland
Year: 2016
Runtime: 108 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Fantasy
Score: 2.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 2.63/5 stars from 248 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 248
MPAA Rating: R
Monsterland Cast Starring: Eileen Dietz, Noel Jason Scott, Steven Barton, Megan Duffy, Sean Keller, Brian Feldman, Drew Wicks, Cody Goodfellow, Ted Hentschke, Jon Condit, Josh LaCasse, Mike Mendez, Cricket Lee, Cristopher R. Spencer, Debi Moore, Jeremy Posner, Cristopher Spencer, Sarah French, Andrea Monier, Joe Knetter, Kaye Marie DeLancey, David Hahn, Daniel Sheldon Hentschke
Monsterland Writers: Kaspar Ainelo, Jan Andresson, Jack Fields
Monsterland Director: Andrew Kasch, John Skipp, Patrick Longstreth, Jack Fields, Erik Gardner, Josh LaCasse, Sander Maran, Peter McCoubrey, Corey Norman
Language: English
Country: USA