The Brotherhood (2001) Movie Review


The Brotherhood (2001)

2001 | Horror
85 minutes /

User Score: 71/100

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The Brotherhood Review


The fraternity "Doma (House of) Tau Omega" has found a key to eternal youth without having to become blood-drinking vampires. Will they be able to recruit Chris, an innocent and perfect newcomer?

The Brotherhood (2001) is a 1h 25-min American horror movie that was shot in Los Angeles, California, USA and Mexico and is the first installment in the Brotherhood series. Director David DeCoteau (Creepozoids (1987), Puppet Master III: Toulon’s Revenge (1991), Leeches! (2003)) did a horrible job executing this movie that has just about everything, horror, romance, mystery, martial arts, and a lot of other sub-genres. The main problem was that there was too many genres to explore/developed which consumed a lot of time and made the movie fail. On a brighter side, the cinematography was stunning as well as the visuals, style, colors, creepiness, atmosphere, action sequences, camera-tricks with slow-motion, fast-motion and editing. Samuel Le Bihan did a fantastic job balancing fear and romance. Mark Dacascos and the other actors gave us brilliant performances as well.

Chris Chandler (Sam Page - Self/less (2015), Shark (2006-2007), Finish Line (2008)) attended Drake University and did not take long to become friends with his a new roommate, Dan. It is assumed that a student who was interested in joining Doma Tau Omega turns up dead on campus while fraternities are pledging. Chris is not interested in fraternities but attends one anyways after Megan (Elizabeth Bruderman - The Frightening (2002), Taylor’s Wall (2001), America’s Most Wanted: America Fights Back (2001)) who is a psychology student invites him and Dan. Chris instantly became interested in Devon Eisley (Bradley Stryker - The Lizzie Borden Chronicles (2015), iZombie (2016), Land of Smiles (2016), Max 2: White House Hero (2017)) who is the leader of Doma Tau Omega. Devon tricked Chris into getting drunk and joining the fraternity which includes drinking a little of each other’s blood.

Dan (Josh Hammond - Jeepers Creepers II (2003), Black Cadillac (2003), Teenage Alien Avengers (1999)) discovers that Devon had been around for hundred of years while investigating the fraternity after he became unhappy with the way Chris is changing and behaving. The movie progresses to having Megan and Dan trying to save Chris from Devon as their secrets are exposed but will they make it out alive?

About The Brotherhood 2001

Title: The Brotherhood
Year: 2001
Runtime: 85 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror
Score: 2 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3.55/5 stars from 7 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 7
Starring: Sam Page, Josh Hammond, Forrest Cochran, Bradley Stryker, Brandon Beemer, Mario Adractas, Karl Anderson, Elizabeth Bruderman, Jaimarie Bjorge, Michael Lutz, Randi Curtis, Rebekah Ryan, Colleen Gallagher, Vincent Grousso, Gregory James, Brandon Loeser, Micheal Messick, Donnie Eichar, James North, Christopher Cullen, Alysa Ratliff, Vanessa Schafer, Brian Bianchini, Johnny Sawchuk, Chloe Cross, Matt Ebin, Lauren Bailey
Writers: Barry L. Levy, Matthew Jason Walsh
Director: David DeCoteau

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