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Tales of Halloween (2015)

2015 | R | Horror, Comedy
92 minutes / 1h 32min

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Tales of Halloween Plot Synopsis:

Named "the best horror anthology since Trick 'r Treat" by Fangoria and "among the best Halloween-themed horror movies ever made" by DailyDead, this critically acclaimed film weaves together ten chilling tales from horror's top directors. Ghosts, ghouls, monsters, and the devil delight in terrorizing unsuspecting residents of a suburban neighborhood on Halloween night.

Tales of Halloween (2015) Review

Tales of Halloween (2015) is an American horror anthology movie consisting of ten segments. The segments are set in a small American town that are being terrorized by ghouls, aliens, imps, killer kids, witches, a devil and ax killers on Halloween night. Tales from Halloween will be available on VOD and in theaters on October 16. I was greatly anticipating this movie upon viewing the trailer, and I was not disappointed upon seeing the movie. It is a movie that will be in my collection that I will view again. The movie was more than I expected, and it delivered in all areas. I applaud all of the writers and directors for putting together the best horror anthology I have ever seen. It is recommended to see the movie as many times as you can so you can see all of the cameos/faces that you might miss in the background the first or second time around. The ten segments in this anthology movie are done amazingly well, and there are no segments that I can find any faults with.

Tales of Halloween contains no wraparound story but it does contain an opening credits sequence and then jumps straight into the anthologies. I love the montage that introduced us to the directors and their segments. Each director gave a brief description of what we shall expect in their segment. A female radio host (Adrienne Barbeau) links the segments/tales as she counts down to “The Witching Hour” which is basically midnight. Each segment is about 10 - 15 minutes long. The segments do take place in the same universe, and some of the same characters show up in multiple segments. The events from the first segment are referred to in the last segment and the segments kind of leak into one another. All of the filmmakers are real-life friends that came together to make this wonderful masterpiece that will be enjoyed by horror fans around the world.

Segment: Sweet Tooth

Directed and written by Dave Parker

This segment revolves around a repressed boy who goes trick or treating to get a lot of candies to feed his hunger for sweet. A few mischievous teens told a little boy that if he eats all of his Halloween candy on Halloween night then something terrible will happen. It portrays what happens to kid’s Halloween candy after they go to bed on Halloween night. This segment was very creepy and set the mood and tone for the rest of the movie/segments.

Segment: The Night Billy Raised Hell

Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman Written by Clint Sears

The Night Billy Raised Hell was an amusing and entertaining treat that made me laugh uncontrollably at Halloween pranks that went totally wrong. A devilish curmudgeon takes a little boy on Halloween night to show/teach him how to carry out real pranks. The pranks quickly went wrong as they went from egging houses to… yep, flaming bear traps.

Segment: Trick

Directed and written by Adam Gierasch

Trick involves a devil that carries out evil pranks that are not kind to the humans. Two couples are enjoying their drinks and handing out candy on Halloween night until a few kids are looking for a little bit more than just candy. This segment is the darkest of all and contains sinister acts.

Segment: The Weak and the Wicked

Directed and written by Paul Solet

This segment has a Western feel, and it delivers. Alice (Grace Phipps) is a female that indulges in witch costumes and wears them; she also indulges in bullying kids. James (John F. Beach) wants revenge but is he capable of taking revenge.

Segment: Grimm Grinning Ghost

Directed and written by Axelle Carolyn

Grimm Grinning Ghost revolves around a frightening cat and legend crossing paths that equals to an entertaining thriller. An older age group meets each other to exchange scary stories. One of the people that attended the meeting becomes unnerved as her car breaks down on her way home. There is not much suspense in this segment, but it delivers on gruesome images.

Segment: Ding Dong

Directed and written by Lucky McKee

Ding Dong revolves around a couple that is trapped in an abusive relationship and desperately needs help. This is one of the best segments where Marc Senter and Pollyanna McIntosh are the couples that is in an abusive relationship that are set out to do things different this Halloween. The movie contains dark humor, and the punchline hits you at the end of the segment because it will be unforeseen.

Segment: “Deck the Halls” is also known as “This Means War”

Directed and written by Andrew Kasch and John Skipp

Deck the Halls revolves around how people can go to the extreme to decorate their homes for the holidays and shows the difference between older monster fans and present day gore-addicts. Two neighbors are competing over their Halloween decorations/displays where one has spooky playful displays, and the other has loud and gruesome displays. What happens next is for you to see.

Segment: Friday the 31st

Directed and written by Mike Mendez

Friday the 31st resembles Jason Voorhees rampaging around going around killing people but it is a girl dressed in a skimpy Dorothy costume instead of Jason. Her rampage took a turn when the killer met an unexpected visitor who just happened to be an alien. The segment’s tone was consistent throughout the entire segment and did not contain much humor.

Segment: The Ransom of Rusty Rex

Directed and written by Ryan Schifrin

The Ransom of Rusty Rex keeps on giving unbelievable surprises that are entertaining and mind boggling. Two kidnappers kidnaped a wealthy man’s son and got a surprise of their own when they found out why they will not receive a ransom. There were a lot of blood and guts in this movie with stupid humor moments.

Segment: Bad Seed

Directed and written by Neil Marshall

Bad Seed was an enjoyable Halloween oriented monster short that paid tribute to the 1980s cop movies. Detective McNally (Kristina Klebe) is getting a boat load of strange cases on Halloween night. Detective McNally cannot believe what she is seeing even though she is there and seeing the events/calls. She saw a man that appeared to be murdered by his jack-o-lantern. I might be wrong, but I think this segment had a higher budget than the others because the special effects were awesome.

Please do yourselves a favor and get this movie as soon as you can and sit down and watch it because you will not be disappointed.

  • Tales of Halloween Rating Scores
  • Our Score: 9
  • Overall Score: 7.38
  • IMDB: 5.5
  • MetaCritic: 6.4
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 7.6

About Tales of Halloween 2015

Title: Tales of Halloween
Year: 2015
Runtime: 92 minutes
Type: Movie
Genre: Horror, Comedy
Reviewer: Score: 4.5 / 5 stars Avg. Rating: 3.69/5 stars from 9,781 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 9,781 MPAA Rating: R
Tales of Halloween Cast Starring: Lin Shaye, Caroline Williams, Pat Healy, Adrienne Barbeau, Barbara Crampton, Kristina Klebe, Mick Garris, Elissa Dowling, Nick Principe, Noel Jason Scott, Lisa Marie, Felissa Rose, Greg Grunberg, Trent Haaga, John Landis, James Duval, Heather Ashley Chase, Keir Gilchrist, Booboo Stewart, Barry Bostwick, Boriana Williams, Graham Skipper, Adam Green, Natalie Castillo, Gracie Gillam, Robert Rusler, Joe Dante, Marc Senter, Tiffany Shepis, Cerina Vincent
Tales of Halloween Writers: Axelle Carolyn, Dave Parker, Clint Sears
Tales of Halloween Director: Mike Mendez, Neil Marshall, Paul Solet, Darren Lynn Bousman, Andrew Kasch, John Skipp, Lucky McKee, Dave Parker, Adam Gierasch, Axelle Carolyn, Ryan Schifrin
Language: English
Country: USA